Early Childhood Development

3 Ways The Gardner School Customizes Childcare

Early Childhood Development | January 18, 2019

At The Gardner School, we believe that every child who enters our doors is special and that each family is unique. The way your child sees the world, even at a young age, can be drastically different than one of his or her peers. The ways we can best support your family might be different than what another family needs. This is why all our schools make it a priority to customize childcare and early education experiences for families and students.

3 Ways The Gardner School Customizes Childcare for Families and Students

Here are three specific ways The Gardner School works to customize childcare and education for families and students:

1. We help families and students feel at home. We want your child to feel loved the moment he or she walks through the door. Our teachers make sure your child is greeted by familiar, friendly faces every morning. Infant teachers are intentional about following your child’s feeding and sleep schedules for consistency with home schedules. Also, each child has a personal crib or cubby area for comfort and familiarity.

Additionally, we want parents to feel comfortable and know their children are being take care of throughout the day. Our facilities are designed as well-maintained and securely-constructed environments. Select locations have nursing rooms and space for strollers and car seats. Our lobbies are equipped with classroom monitors so you feel at peace before leaving your child at preschool for the day. Partnering with parents is an important priority for us, and we recognize this starts by ensuring your student is safe, comfortable, and loved.

2. We work to meet the specific needs of students and families. We recognize that every child is unique and that every family situation is different. The Gardner School is here to support your family as much as we possibly can by offering year-round educational programs for both full-time and part-time child care. We provide convenient hours and locations for morning drop-off and evening pick-up times. For families seeking additional learning opportunities, we offer a variety of onsite enrichment courses to help your child grow in areas beyond traditional early education curriculum.

Our teachers also work diligently to accommodate your child’s specific developmental or physical needs. Whether it’s helping your toddler through potty training or preparing your preschooler for kindergarten,  our teachers are educated and equipped to meet the specific needs of your child.

3. We proactively and regularly communicate with parents. Numerous studies have shown that the parent/teacher relationship is incredibly important in early childhood education. At The Gardner School, we encourage parents to be an active part of their child’s educational experience in a variety of ways. Our teachers communicate with parents daily through the PreciouStatus app by providing real-time updates, photos, and announcements. They also work with you to schedule ongoing child assessments and parent-teacher meetings to keep you updated on your child’s learning progress.

We invite parents to participate in their child’s learning experience by providing ongoing newsletters and emails about important information and inviting them to school activities, such as guest reading opportunities and special holiday programs.

Experience The Gardner School Difference

Our commitment to providing a customized experience for every child is just one of the many reasons parents choose The Gardner School. If you’re considering new preschool options, we’d love to share more specific ways our programs can help meet your family’s unique needs. You can request more information or schedule a visit to The Gardner School nearest you today.