Early Childhood Development

5 Reasons Parents Choose The Gardner School

Early Childhood Development | November 6, 2018

There’s so much for your sweet, little ones to gain at an academically-focused preschoolChoosing the best preschool for infants, toddlers, and pre-K students sets them up for success in kindergarten and beyond. The Gardner School’s daily educational and fun activities benefit children both academically and socially throughout elementary school.

Our parents of current and past students will happily tell you their reasoning for loving our classrooms and teachers, but here are the top five overall reasons they choose The Gardner School for their children’s early childhood education and daily care.

1. Academically-Focused Programs

Did you know babies start listening while they are in the womb? Newborns start taking in information even at one month old! Enrolling your child in The Gardner School’s academically-focused programs will advance their learning through daily nurturing interactions, movement, and playtime. As they get older and reach preschool, our teachers prepare them for kindergarten readiness, so they can excel at the elementary school level.

2. Location

Because of our convenient locations near thriving residential communities and business parks, parents can easily drop off their children on their way to work and pick them up at the end of the day without having to venture too far off their daily paths. With schools located in Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia, we’ve intentionally chosen locations that are easy to access from major roads, in addition to being strategically-built in safe communities. See all our locations and find The Gardner School closest to you here.

3. Enrichment Classes

With optional on-site classes like gymnastics, computers and technology, soccer, dance, cooking, karate, and more, we encourage our students to have a well-rounded skill set. The focused, small-group classes vary from school to school and give preschoolers the chance to be creative and put into practice their natural gifts, talents, and passions under the guidance of talented professionals. Learn more about our enrichment classes here.

4. Communication Between Teachers and Parents

At The Gardner School, each day is a new experience for your child. We love being able to help them learn, and it’s even more fun to be able to share these developments with our parents throughout the day. Through the PreciouStatus app, our teachers can keep moms and dads informed about their child’s day by sending pictures and real-time updates that can include meals, snacks, naps, progress, activities, school updates and more. Learn more about how we value parent-teacher partnerships here.

5. Relationships at an Early Age 

Early experiences with people frame the way children view the world—how they understand, communicate, and behave, and even how they portray emotions and socialize. These experiences and connections set the stage for your children to learn and grow on their own. You can read more about the importance of relationships at an early age here.

Schedule a tour at The Gardner School near you today to meet our early childhood education professionals and to explore what makes our environment and facilities stand out. You’ll quickly see for yourself why parents choose us above other preschools!