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Every school is built with your child in mind. From the security features to keep them safe, to the indoor play areas for the colder months. Because most of our schools are conveniently located in office park settings, TGS is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at most locations. Enter your city, state or zip code below to find one of our child care centers near you.

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Facility Features

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Qualified Faculty

Our school directors and lead teachers are required to have a college degree with an emphasis in early childhood education, as well as successful, hands-on experience within the child-care industry.

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Peace of Mind

Our schools are constructed with open floor plans and plenty of windows that allow open viewing into all of our classrooms. All exterior doors are locked and monitored at all times, and all entries and exits require a pin number.

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Tailored Curriculum

Your children will embark upon a journey that will enable them to learn and grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. The assortment of activities is endless, which encourages children to learn, play and explore.

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Enrichment Programs

We believe that it is essential to expose your child to the arts. Therefore, we offer a full suite of supplemental classes that consist of Foreign Languages, Gymnastics, Sport Skills, Art, Dance, Karate, Music, Drama and computer-based learning with our Be Smart Kids Software.

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Carefully Selected Learning Supplies

Children explore all facets of their environment and use different materials and learning aids that have passed detailed evaluations by our well-trained faculty. Our school is equipped with a variety of audio and visual aids, educational toys, games, puzzles and learning supplies.

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Nutritious Meals

We offer a full, well-balanced lunch and two nutritious snacks daily at no additional cost to our parents. Moreover, we order whole wheat and multi-grain products when available. Our juice is only 100% fruit juice, and we provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to the children weekly.