Early Childhood Development

An Overview of Enrichment Courses at The Gardner School

Early Childhood Development | December 17, 2018

In a previous blog, we highlighted how enrichment activities can take learning a step further than the normal classroom curriculum, allowing preschoolers the chance to be creative and put into practice their natural gifts, talents, and passions.  The Gardner School’s on-site enrichment courses are one of the many unique characteristics that set us apart from other preschools. Our goal is not only to expand your child’s mind and physical development with opportunities to experience new skills and adventures, but we also desire to help ease the burden of parents’ busy schedules by offering enrichment classes during the regular preschool day.

From foreign languages to sports to performing arts to cooking, students at The Gardner School can experience a variety of skill-building opportunities. The Gardner School’s enrichment courses are cost-effective and convenient and have a positive impact on the academic growth of our students. The classes are often taught by local, experienced professionals and may vary seasonally and based on levels of interest.

An Overview of Enrichment Courses at The Gardner School

  • Dance & Martial Arts—While learning at their own pace, students will gain self-esteem, spatial awareness, and strength as they engage with dance and martial arts techniques. Dance courses such as ballet include proper positioning, stretching, and vocabulary. Children ages three and above are introduced to basic tap and combination steps and also have an opportunity to share their skills at a dance recital. Beginner martial arts skills are introduced through a variety of techniques that can include TaeKwonDo and Karate.
  • Foreign Language—Through preschool-appropriate lessons, children will experience the foundations of a second language in our foreign language program. Organized by familiar topics such as animals, clothing, colors, family, and food, students will be excited about learning a new language through a series of chants, games, puzzles, songs, and writing activities.
  • Music & Drama— Through a series of experiential learning techniques, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of music, including music notation, composition, and vocal instruction. In addition, they will learn about various musical styles, instruments, and composers. While engaging with basic drama exercises and participating in musical production, children will gain creative skills in storytelling, puppetry, and acting.
  • Sports & Fitness— Our sports and fitness courses offer a well-balanced mix of comprehension, discipline, physical activity, and listening skills, as students are introduced to a combination of gymnastics techniques, including bar positions, beam walking, stretching, tumbling, and vault jumping. Children will be physically challenged while improving self-esteem in a fun atmosphere through course offerings that can include a variety of athletic activities from basketball to tennis to soccer and even yoga. At some of our schools, we offer a mini-session of cooking and food mixing classes around the holidays too!
  • Technology— Students will become proficient in technology through computer programs such as Be Smart Kids, a phonics and math-based software program that mixes proven learning techniques with contemporary computer technology. Through a series of beginner and advanced technology courses that include fun and interactive games, children will stimulate every area of the brain during this developmental season in life when they learn best.

“We love that TGS offers Enrichment Classes on-site. Our daughter started out with gymnastics, and now she is in dance. We are letting her try different things to let her see what she likes,” says

Rusty Strange, a TGS parent, who also enjoys the quality time he gets back in the evenings at home with family, thanks to enrichment courses being offered during the school day, which saves him the time that would be involved with after-school enrichment courses at multiple venues across town.

Want to learn more about The Gardner School’s comprehensive offering of enrichment courses? Feel free to request more information or contact your school’s director today to discover the courses available for your child.