Early Childhood Development

3 Ways Moms Are Important to The Gardner School

Early Childhood Development | May 11, 2018

Ask any teacher at The Gardner School, and you’ll quickly learn that mothers play a vital role in the preschool journey. Not only do preschoolers hold their moms on a high pedestal, but The Gardner School’s teachers and staff can celebrate their students’ successes because of the important support role moms play in the daily activities of preschool—academically, emotionally, and socially. Even more, it’s always encouraging to see our mothers of older preschoolers invest in and offer wisdom to moms of new or younger preschoolers.

As we celebrate mom’s big day during the month of May, our schools set aside dedicated times to show gratitude and give honor to our preschool mothers through student artwork, notes of encouragement, and special events like Muffins with Mom, Mommy and Me Yoga, and Mom-osa Mocktails, just to name a few. It’s always a joy for TGS moms to drop by and spend some time with their little ones and our staff.

To affirm this important role mothers play and express some additional gratitude, here are three of the major ways moms bring some added value to The Gardner School.

Communication and Relationships with School Staff

From making sure their little ones get to school and picked up on time to updating our teachers about their preschoolers’ needs, moms set teachers up for success through regular and timely communication with The Gardner School staff. Even more, our teachers greatly benefit from our mothers’ attentiveness to reading notes and newsletters, staying in-the-know on important school announcements, and taking note of The Gardner School’s artwork and décor throughout the school and in classrooms.

Active Involvement and Participation in School Activities

One thing’s for sure at The Gardner School: Moms are the biggest cheerleaders for students and teachers alike. From participation in parent-teacher conferences to attending special programs and events, we can always count on our TGS moms to be front and center, lending an encouraging voice along the way and helping other moms and parents feel connected and involved.

Continuing the Learning Process at Home

Another great benefit to both our students and teachers is a mother’s dedication to continuing the learning process beyond the classroom. TGS moms always amaze us with the clever ways they help reinforce learning concepts through activities at home, as well as helping their little ones be prepared for the many new things preschoolers will learn as they transition and advance to their next classroom.

Here’s to you, TGS moms! Thanks for your support and encouragement throughout the year and for trusting us with your little ones’ care and education. Want to see why our preschool moms love The Gardner School so much? Schedule a tour at The Gardner School near you!