“Where learning begins.” Nowhere is this statement more apparent than in our infant daycare program. The teachers at The Gardner School are committed to connecting with your baby’s unique schedule and needs from early on. With a day full of warm and nurturing interactions, movement and playtime, our infants have every opportunity to grow and develop a sense of trust and confidence in a secure learning environment.

“Our oldest has attended The Gardner School since she was 7 weeks old, so when we had Avery, it was a no brainer that she would start TGS on her 7 week birthday as well.”

Michael Baron, TGS Parent

Program Highlights

Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos focuses on delivering nurturing, consistent and loving interactions with our infants. For young children, meaningful and long-lasting learning requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on observation and assessment to help your child reach his or her highest levels of development.

Soothing Environment

Our nursery suites provide a soothing environment that includes individual cribs personalized with family photos and items from home, stimulating learning materials to explore in playtime, small teacher/student ratios, and a shoe-free rule, keeping the spaces clean and sanitary for our little crawlers.

Parent Communications

Babies change on a daily basis, and it’s important that we communicate often with our parents through our online communication platform and app, PreciouStatus. With real-time updates and photos sent directly to your email and app, we share developmental assessments and the many moments of growth and progress your baby will have at The Gardner School.

Nutrition and Care

All infants have their own unique habits and schedules, so our teachers communicate directly with you to develop a flexible feeding and diapering plan that suits your child’s individual needs. We log all feedings and changes in your child’s daily communication updates, providing personalized love and care to your baby.

American Sign Language

Long before babies can speak in words, they read gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice. We integrate American Sign Language into all interactions to help your child communicate his or her needs before learning to talk.

Itsy, Bitsy Yoga

The ancient practice of yoga is proven to help people of all ages, and even infants as young as 6 weeks old. We utilize Itsy, Bitsy Yoga as part of our curriculum to help our babies sleep better, digest easier, be happier, stay healthier, and even learn how to relax their bodies.

A Typical Day for a TGS Infant

  • Feeding on a Personalized Schedule
  • Diaper Changes
  • Napping
  • Playing with Friends
  • Reading Stories
  • Cuddles and Snuggles
  • Itsy, Bitsy Yoga
  • Bye, Bye Buggy Rides and Outside Play
  • Art and Sensory
  • American Sign Language
  • Music
  • Tummy Time