Early Childhood Development

A Peek at The Gardner School’s Spring Fling and Graduation Ceremonies

Early Childhood Development | May 29, 2018

In the springtime, everything grows—especially at The Gardner School. As the spring season nears an end each year and summer approaches, The Gardner School prepares for its much-anticipated Spring Fling and Graduation Ceremony events at each school. Our students enjoy celebrating with a fun graduation party with families and teachers, and they also take the spotlight to showcase their talents where they highlight many of the new things they learn throughout the year. We are proud of the hard work put forth by both our students and teachers, and it’s a joy to witness their transformation into young children who are prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

Here’s a peek at some of the fun at our schools during Spring Fling and Graduation Ceremonies.

Spring Fling

One of the many reasons our parents and families love The Gardner School’s Spring Fling events is because of the awe-inspiring musical and dance performances presented by students. Each school creates a program that uniquely shines the spotlight on their students to celebrate the end of the school year. From ballet to music to dance, students take the stage to display new skills and talents for their families and teachers. Families also enjoy seeing interactions between students and teachers as they sing and dance to their class song.

Graduation Ceremony

Seeing a loved one or friend graduate from any program or school can tug at the heartstrings. But, seeing the look of accomplishment on a preschooler’s face as they make their way across the preschool graduation stage is truly a sight to behold. From the cap and gown photos to graduation rehearsals to the actual ceremonies, our preschoolers and families beam with joy as they celebrate their early childhood education journey and embrace the new chapters before them. Kindergarten, we are ready! Here we come!

The Gardner School is successful because of the dedication of our teachers and continuous support of our parents and families. Thanks to all who made this year one we’ll never forget! For moms and dads of preschoolers on the search for the best preschool, schedule a tour at The Gardner School near you today to see for yourself why we stand apart from other preschools.