Early Childhood Development

A Look at The Gardner School’s Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas

Early Childhood Development | September 17, 2018

As an academically-focused preschool, we know that a healthy balance of learning and recreation is essential, outdoors or inside. In fact, some of the best learning opportunities for kids can happen while having fun. This is one of the many reasons each of our schools is constructed with your child in mind. With careful planning, our teachers ensure that every student has two gross motor play times each day.

From safety to security to state-of-the-art student satisfaction, here’s a look at the many factors that set The Gardner School’s indoor and outdoor play areas apart from other preschools.

Indoor Play Areas

A parent-favorite feature at almost all our locations, The Gardner School’s indoor play areas keep children warm during the colder months, cool during extremely hot days, and dry during rainy or inclement weather. Filled with safe and age-appropriate toys and recreational equipment, our indoor play areas provide students with multiple gross motor play opportunities and open space to move and interact with each other. Many of our indoor play areas have large sliding doors that lead out to the outdoor play areas, which can also provide preschoolers with a nice opportunity to cool off or warm up a bit on moderate temperature days. At some of our schools, enrichment programs such as dance, basketball, karate, and soccer (just to name a few) take place in our indoor play areas.

Outdoor Play Areas

The Gardner School’s outdoor play spaces are properly fenced and gated, and all playground equipment is designed to accommodate multiple ages while ensuring safety. Our suburban school outdoor play areas are spacious and equipped with up-to-date and sensory-engaging features. Students who attend our urban schools within the city of Chicago enjoy a short walk to a local park twice a day (weather permitting), wearing yellow vests for easy identification and safety, and they even venture out for a neighborhood walk if the schedule allows. During our 10-week summer camp program, Camp Gardner, our outdoor play areas are essential to many of the program activities that can range from water games to inflatables to hosting special guest presenters and speakers.

Safety and Security

A key factor for parents who are on the search for the best preschool environment for their little ones involves the school’s safety and security features. Not only do children need to feel safe during the school day, but parents need the peace of mind in knowing that their children are under excellent supervision, with properly trained childcare professionals and within a well-maintained and securely-constructed environment. Especially with our indoor and outdoor play areas, The Gardner School goes the extra mile toward ensuring parents that their children are safe and secure always.

To learn more about our indoor or outdoor play areas or our state-of-the-art environment and facilities, schedule a tour at The Gardner School nearest you.