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5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Sweet for Preschoolers

Family Living | February 12, 2019

Of all the heartwarming holidays to love, it only makes sense that Valentine’s Day rises to the top—especially for preschoolers. From the candy to the crafts, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to teach preschoolers about being sweet to each other—not to mention the perfect occasion for arranging quality time to spend together on projects and parties.

Whether you’re looking for ways to help teach your preschooler about the true meaning behind Valentine’s Day or just needing some ideas for celebrating this lovely holiday with your little ones, here are a few simple ways to make Valentine’s Day sweet for preschoolers.

Think Outside the Box

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become a very pre-packaged holiday—think boxed chocolates and boxed cards. But, nothing will help preschoolers know how much you care more than making a little extra effort to be creative, whether it be with a handmade gift, sweet treat, or personalized card.

Let Off Some STEAM

STEAM-focused activities (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) can be applied to almost any occasion, and preschoolers benefit greatly from the healthy mix of learning and fun. Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for preschoolers to celebrate while learning. From hands-on activities to heart-filled experiments, set aside some time to let off a little “STEAM” with your preschoolers over Valentine’s Day.

Hone Your Craft

Preschoolers love crafts, and Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to get crafty. Whether it be handmade Valentine cards to exchange with classmates and teachers or heart-themed decor to hang and adore, consider setting aside some time with your preschooler to create together. Pinterest is loaded with great ideas, or you can even stretch your child’s own creativity by asking them to come up with their own unique ideas to implement together.

Treat Yourselves

One of the best parts about Valentine’s Day for kids (and parents) is the sweet treats. And, while parents will want to keep a safe reign on a preschooler’s sugar intake, you can still make Valentine’s Day fun by treating them with a modest serving of something sweet or even look for some unique, healthy treat options to share together.

Spread the Love

Possibly the best way to help preschoolers celebrate Valentine’s Day is by teaching them the importance of showing love to others. In addition to making Valentine’s Day cards or treats to share with friends, encourage your preschooler to practice some selfless acts of love to those around them. Whether it be offering a compliment, giving a handmade card to a neighbor, helping a friend with simple tasks like tidying up after an activity or giving a hug, it will do their heart good to spread a little love. You can also bake treats for a local fire or police department or other local community heroes.

Let’s face it: What the world really needs now is love, sweet love. So, there’s no better time to sprinkle around some encouragement and selfless deeds to those around you. Preschoolers will model what they see, so why not intentionally do it together, right?

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