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Work Life Balance: Making Family The Priority

Family Living | October 6, 2014
Work Life Balance

Summer vacation is over, and that means both parents and kids are back to their busy schedules. Going from a long day of work to your kids’ after-school activities or extracurriculars can be a difficult transition. It’s easy to keep the events of the day running in our minds and forget to be in the moment with our kids. Work-life balance is always a challenge, but here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

  1.  It’s great that your kids are so active, but make sure there is family time set aside after school when your children can continue to bond with their siblings and you! It can be as easy as sitting down to a meal together or playing a family game.
  2. Dedicate a specific night each week to spending time together in the kitchen as you prepare dinner. Let your kids help with prep and clean up.You know they will love it!
  3. If you work at home, treat a dedicated workspace as office space and stick to specific work hours. If you allow yourself to work in common areas, you might find that you keep working when you should be enjoying your kids over popcorn and a movie.
  4. Establish no-phone time in the evening and on weekends when you are with your family. With smart phones and tablets, technology enables us to be connected to our work 24/7. Try to separate yourself and stick to a cut-off time for no longer checking emails.
  5. Plan weekend time with your family. Explore a new adventure around town like the local farmers’ market, flea market or the new trampoline park. Take a mini vacation right outside your hometown to go camping, hiking and canoeing down a river.

Remember: there will rarely be a perfect solution for work-life balance, but by planning time ahead and making it a priority, your family will benefit and build a stronger bond.