Early Childhood Development

Why Dads Are Important to The Gardner School

Early Childhood Development | June 18, 2018

As we have mentioned before, it’s no secret that Mom plays a vital role in the preschool journey. But, what about dear Dad? A father’s role in his preschooler’s academic journey can positively affect his child’s growth and development but also the child’s teachers and school staff. Fathers offer a special form of support and encouragement with their presence at special preschool events, in addition to drop-off and pick-up. Some U.S. Department of Health and Human Services studies have even shown that actively-involved dads in their child’s educational journey can contribute to their overall emotional and social wellness, even leading to improved math and verbal skills.

So, as we honor Dad’s big day during the month of June, our schools plan special activities to show appreciation to our preschool fathers through special events like Donuts with Dad during morning drop-off and dad-themed cookouts and tasty treats during afternoon pick-up, just to name a few. You can even find dads in the classroom as a guest storyteller for our students. It never gets old seeing fathers, grandfathers, and fatherly figures of The Gardner School students stop by for some quality time with their little ones and our staff.

To highlight the key role dads play in our work and mission, here are some ways fathers bring added value to The Gardner School.

Emotional and Behavioral Support

Fathers have a different type of bond with their children than mothers. For that reason alone, a dad’s presence in the preschool environment can offer great support to both children and school staff when it comes to emotions and behavior. Loving and encouraging fathers who are a part of their child’s educational experience can offer a healthy balance to nurturing that can lead to long-term positive behavior.

Active Participation in School Activities

A father’s active involvement and participation in school functions, such as parent-teacher conferences, holiday programs, and special events, can be extra encouraging to both teachers and children. It’s also fun to witness our TGS dads offering some fatherly advice and comfort to new preschool dads on occasion.

Taking Part in At-Home Learning Activities

As The Gardner School highly encourages parents to continue the learning process beyond the classroom, TGS dads should never underestimate the key role they can play in helping to introduce new learning concepts and reinforce established ones through at-home educational activities. Fathers can sometimes gain a child’s attention in different ways than mom, so the opportunities to share or teach new skills are endless.

Cheers to you, TGS dads! Your support and encouragement at The Gardner School doesn’t go unnoticed, and we look forward to continued ways to help you stay involved. See why fathers love The Gardner School so much by scheduling a tour at The Gardner School near you!