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What to Consider When Looking for Preschools in Nashville

Early Childhood Development | March 6, 2018

It’s no secret that Nashville, Tennessee, and its surrounding communities are growing and thriving. Recently labeled as a U.S. “it city,” Nashville has much to offer young families in the city and its suburbs. With a highly-artistic scene, rich musical and cultural roots, a booming healthcare industry, and world-renowned educational institutions, it’s easy to see why numerous corporations have set up shop in downtown Music City and the greater Nashville area.

So, for families with young children, what are some key considerations when looking for preschools in the Nashville area? With two schools in Nashville and two just a few miles south of the city in Brentwood and Franklin, The Gardner School’s academically-focused, award-winning preschool program has been voted as “Best Child Care Center” in Nashville Parent’s reader’s poll. If you’re a mom or dad who lives and works in the Nashville area, here are four things to consider when looking for preschools in Nashville.


Location and convenience to home and work are among the top factors parents consider when choosing a preschool. While proximity to home or work is a great bonus, it is even more important to consider the safety and security of the neighborhood and surrounding communities in which a preschool is located. The Gardner School’s Nashville-area schools are established in locations that are easy to access from major roads, in addition to being strategically-built in safe communities.


It’s never too early to begin your child’s education, and there are multiple reasons you should consider enrolling your child in an academically-focused preschool like The Gardner School. We believe that an academic focus helps children succeed in learning and prepares them for kindergarten and beyond. Even more, our programs are designed to encourage an emerging sense of self, while nurturing intellectual growth, exploration, and socialization.

Not only do our lead teachers have four-year degrees in early childhood education or a related field, we boast a very low employee turnover rate, which provides consistency for children and families. Our curriculums are tailored to your child’s development—preparing them for success, and our supplemental enrichment programs give students the platform to be creative, putting into practice their natural gifts, talents, and passions.

The Gardner School values STEAM education, and you’ll find STEAM activities infused into our curriculum, daily activities, and our Camp Gardner summer program. Because we are music city, there is a fun added bonus. We have many parents or musicians who might visit the school as musical guests, and we even have enrichment classes that include music and theater!


A preschool’s environment should not only be well-constructed and well-kept, it should be safe, secure, and welcoming to children and families. The Gardner School’s Nashville-area preschools are built with your child in mind—from the security features to keep them safe to the indoor and outdoor play areas and equipment. Speaking of play areas, our Nashville-area schools have covered outdoor play areas, which give children the chance to play outside, even during less than ideal weather.

During the day, students at The Gardner School have additional opportunities to venture outside the classroom and move throughout the school. Older kids have snack time and lunches in our Kids Café, and students who participate in enrichment classes do so in our multi-purpose, enrichment rooms and computer lab. Changing up the environment throughout the day can be good for kids, allowing them to explore different spaces and even interact with siblings for some.

The Gardner School’s lobby areas are welcoming, with personal parent safety codes that must be used for entering and exiting the building, as well as TV monitors to allow parents to view their child’s classroom from the lobby. Our hallways and classrooms are beautifully decorated with student artwork and weekly theme décor. The Gardner School is also committed to clear, daily communication with parents, sharing school updates, photos, and activities through the PreciouStatus app.


While there are numerous child care and preschool centers to consider, the overall value of your child’s care and education should be a deciding factor in your decision process. Not only are The Gardner School’s Nashville-area schools competitively priced with tuition, the added value of our state-of-the-art buildings, highly-qualified teachers, trusted curriculums, and solid reputation helps us stand out from other preschools.

The Gardner School’s enrichment courses save families time and money with on-site supplemental learning opportunities that happen during the regular school day and are taught by experts in sports, music, language, and technology. Even more, The Gardner School appreciates our parents and families, who are supportive partners and regularly involved in activities.

Ready to see for yourself all that The Gardner School has to offer? Schedule a visit at one of our Nashville-area schools today. To learn more about these locations, please visit the following sites:

The Gardner School of Brentwood

The Gardner School of Franklin

The Gardner School of Midtown-Nashville

The Gardner School of Nashville