Early Childhood Development

The Importance of a Parent-Teacher Partnership in Preschool

Early Childhood Development | July 23, 2018

Something that’s no secret at The Gardner School is our love and appreciation for parents and teachers. Our teachers and school directors are grateful for moms and dads who work together with them to help preschoolers achieve important learning milestones, and the ongoing parent-teacher relationships are among the many wonderful things that set The Gardner School apart from other preschools and childcare facilities. Even more, as preschoolers witness the daily positive interactions and partnerships between their parents and teachers, it provides them with an added level of comfort that helps them feel safe and focus on learning.

Established as a national observance, Parents’ Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of every July and promotes the message that the role of the parent is important in human development, which requires investment, focus, and commitment. In honor of Parents’ Day this year, here are a few of the most important reasons a strong parent-teacher partnership is crucial in early childhood education.

How Parents Benefit from Parent-Teacher Partnerships

  • Teacher Insights—As parents have clear and ongoing communication with teachers, there can be much insight to gain regarding their preschooler’s growth and development. The Gardner School conducts periodic child assessments and parent-teacher conferences to give parents the opportunity to understand their child’s unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as ways they can help their preschooler improve in any needed areas of learning.
  • Teacher Support—A strong partnership between parents and teachers can establish trust and support when it comes to any special needs or behavior issues a child may be displaying at home. As teachers are made aware of unique family circumstances or issues, they can also be better equipped to observe a child’s behavior patterns or learning needs throughout each day.
  • Parent Guidance—From conversations with teachers during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up to monthly calendars and newsletters to helpful blogs to creative ideas via social media, The Gardner School parents have access to a variety of resources that offer helpful guidance and tips for continuing the early educational learning process at home.

How Teachers Benefit from Parent-Teacher Partnerships

  • Parent Involvement—When parents are actively involved in their preschooler’s early childhood educational experience, not only do the children benefit greatly, but teachers do as well. Whether it’s volunteering to read a book to a class, attending an open house or special program, or even offering tips and advice for new preschool parents, the active involvement of moms and dads can provide an excellent support system for teachers while also encouraging them in their work.
  • Parent Feedback—Parent feedback is important for teachers. As teachers learn about the specific issues or any unique needs or circumstances parents or their children may have, it will help teachers and school staff members work diligently to provide solutions and create a positive overall experience for everyone.
  • Teacher Success—Teaching can have its challenging moments, but it is greatly rewarding. When parents and teachers create a strong partnership, teachers enjoy their role even more because they are able to customize their teaching and care to the needs of each child.

TGS Parent-Teacher Partnership Success Stories

See for yourself what some of The Gardner School’s parents are saying about the ways in which a good partnership with the TGS team has helped them maintain work-life balance:

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