Early Childhood Development

The Gardner School: Environment & Facilities

Early Childhood Development | July 9, 2018

With schools across six states and in a variety of suburban and urban communities, The Gardner School has a highly-regarded reputation for its state-of-the-art buildings and facilities. With each school location being built with the needs of children in mind, it’s easy to see why families choose The Gardner School above other preschools. From the security features to help keep children safe to the spacious classrooms to the indoor and outdoor play areas, The Gardner School is equipped to be a home away from home for our students, where they spend many hours of their week.

Each of our schools are constructed with open floor plans and plenty of windows that allow open viewing into classrooms. Exterior doors are locked and monitored, and the front door requires a special passcode given to family members and staff. Our classrooms are colorful and equipped with furniture and supplies that enhance learning and development, and you’ll find student artwork displayed throughout classrooms and hallways to inspire creativity. The Gardner School’s play spaces (both indoor and outdoor) are filled with safe and age-appropriate toys and recreational equipment. Our Kids Café provides an atmosphere for students to move beyond the classroom for snacks and meals while learning to share and practice good manners.

To make things even more convenient for today’s busy families, The Gardner School can be found in locations within proximity to office park settings and residential neighborhoods, with easy access to and from major highways. With convenient hours for drop-off and pick-up, families find added value that often compliments a variety of work schedules.

In the video below, learn how The Gardner School’s environment and facilities are created to put children’s needs first. You can even get a peek inside some of our classrooms, lobby areas, and outdoor play spaces.

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