Early Childhood Development

The Gardner School: Communication and Connection to Your Child

Early Childhood Development | April 9, 2018

One of the key differentiators for The Gardner School is our connection with students and communication with parents. Understanding that each child is unique, our teachers create engaging, structured lessons and group activities, while remaining flexible enough to foster self-discovery and independence as each child explores and learns at his or her own pace.

Through a variety of communication methods that are both in-person and incorporate technology, our teachers keep parents informed daily about the status and progress of their children, including real-time updates through the PreciouStatus app. These updates include meals, naps, activities, outdoor play, and photos, as well as through parent-teacher conferences, monthly e-newsletters, weekly lesson plan overviews, and more.

In the video below, learn how The Gardner School’s proactive approach to connecting with students and ongoing communication enables and encourages our parents to be an active part of their child’s educational experience.

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