The Gardner School Appreciates Teachers

Education | May 15, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week might only come around once a year, but we want our teachers to feel loved and appreciated all year long. As you’ll learn from our students, our teachers are among The Gardner School’s greatest resources.

Over the past couple weeks, the teachers at our schools were honored with special celebratory treats provided from parent donations. With the coordination efforts of our school directors, the parent donations also provided several fun displays, food, and activities for teachers to enjoy throughout the week.

Upon arrival to work each day, teachers at our schools were not only welcomed with complimentary breakfasts, but they were surrounded with positive notes of encouragement from students, parents, and school directors. The notes were beautifully displayed with sidewalk chalk, window paint, and handwritten notes. Some schools even rolled out a red carpet for their teachers to walk on upon entering the classroom, reminding them that they truly are “stars” and role models for our students to look up to.

Many lunches were also provided to teachers throughout the week from parents and various local food vendors. Many of these meals were presented with special themes, including fondue bars and pizza buffets! It was also common each day for breakfast and lunch to be complimented with a series of sweet dessert treats. A lot of our parents have a wonderful talent for baking!

In addition to food and words of encouragement, our teachers were honored with a variety of gift items donated by parents, including gift cards, scented candles, flowers, personalized artwork, tickets to local attractions, and monogrammed zip hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and bracelets. A few of the schools even pampered their teachers with an on-site neck and back masseuse to help them take a few moments to relax during the day!

The Gardner School showed our gratitude for our many wonderful, dedicated teaching staff with special monogrammed “TGS” tumblers. Thank you, TGS teachers, for making each day special for our students and their families! We are truly grateful for each of you and the difference you are making in so many lives.