Early Childhood Development

TGS Program Feature: Infant

Early Childhood Development | April 6, 2015
The Gardner School's Infant Program

The Gardner School’s Infant Program provides little ones a soothing, secure daycare environment to learn, explore and develop fundamental life skills. It’s certainly never too early to learn, and TGS will work with you and your child to maximize their comfort and personal growth from an early age. Here are just a few key features of our multi-faceted Infant Program.

Personalized Care: No two infants share identical patterns. TGS teachers communicate with you to develop a feeding and diapering schedule that works best for your child. Cribs in the nursery suites are personalized to put your child at ease with family photos and familiar items from home.

Creative Curriculum: Developed from a solid foundation of early childhood educational research, The Gardner School’s Creative Curriculum enables young children to learn through active thinking and experimenting. With a low student/teacher ratio, TGS instructors encourage purposeful play and exploration with plenty of praise and positive reinforcement. Reading stories, outside play, exposure to music and art, playing with friends, and napping are all part of the daily routine.

American Sign Language: The Gardner School integrates sign language into all interactions to help young children develop communication skills before they can speak.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga: The cutest yoga imaginable, practiced expertly by infants at The Gardner School. Studies have shown that yoga can be beneficial for infants as young as six months old. What’s not to love about anything that makes your baby sleep and digest better?

Don’t Miss a Thing: Parent communication is an integral part of the Infant Program, and you’ll receive real-time photos and updates about your child’s progress via e-mail and through the innovative PreciousStatus app. It’s an ideal way to feel connected to your child during the workday.