Early Childhood Development

Teaching Your Kids to Give Back

Early Childhood Development | October 6, 2014
The Gardner School Gives Back

As parents, we teach our children to share from a very early age. We try to emphasize the importance of sharing toys and books, as well as offering food and support to those in need. At The Gardner School, we also play an active role in teaching your children to give back. Our schools value initiatives that support those in need in our community. Most recently, we were able to grant a wish for a Make A Wish child battling a life-threatening illness, and each of our schools challenged the others to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Teachers stepped up, made donations and were doused with freezing water, all in an effort to show the importance of supporting those in need.

How can you teach your children to have a giving spirit?
1. Teach basic sharing skills – Kids do not understand the concept of sharing early on, but learn from imitation, so it’s never too early to help them learn by example. Try sharing a bite of food with them from your plate, or offer your seat to someone in a crowded place.
2. At the end of each season, let your child participate in gathering clothes that no longer fit to donate to others in your community.
3. Participate in a charity event with your child that supports other children, such as Make A Wish or St. Jude.

“We have really enjoyed being a partner with the Make A Wish Foundation,” said TGS of Brentwood School Director Rachel McCormick. “By hosting events at our school, our children get to see our parents making donations, and also get to participate in physically raising money. We recently hosted a Jump-A-Thon where our students jumped for donations, and they were able to meet a Wish Kid. They loved it!”