Early Childhood Development

Teaching Responsibility and Organization

Early Childhood Development | August 15, 2016
Responsibility at an Early Age

Even in their early stages of life, children have the ability to learn responsibility and organization in both their home life and day care. Through a variety of activities, The Gardner School offers numerous opportunities each day for children to gain this important quality.

Rest Time

Every child has their own cubby with their name on it. When rest time rolls around, children head to their personal cubby, pick up their own sheets and blankets and then put together their cots. After nap time, children place each of their items back in their cubby.

Circle Time

At many of our schools, we have a job chart for each classroom. During Circle Time, jobs are chosen for each of our students. These can be anything from being the line leader to being the classroom helper and making sure all of the classroom’s learning centers are cleaned. One of the most popular jobs is being our weather person and dressing up our classroom stuffed animal to match the weather outside.

Meal Time

Our students sit family style during meal time. They not only work on passing plates and cups, but also passing food to each of their neighbors. They wait until everybody has been served before beginning their meal. We also work on appropriate meal conversations, the proper level of voices and incorporating good manners.

The Gardner School’s students consistently work on cleaning up after themselves, putting toys back where they belong, and sharing with other students. Beginning around age two, our teachers help guide our students with skills that encourage self-reliance, which are particularly beneficial when those skills revolve around potty training! By the time students enter PreK, more complex instructions are given to our students. As our students grow, more responsibility is placed on them, so that when they reach kindergarten, they are ready to take on the world! Read further on our preparation of kindergarten using responsibility here.