Early Childhood Development

Teacher-Child Relationships’ Role in Education

Early Childhood Development | July 11, 2016
Teacher-Child Relationships

We all want our infants to grow into beautiful kindergarten-ready children. Finding a preschool that fosters a sense of love and support, as well as independence and self-reliance is very important for a child’s early stages of life.

Positive teacher-child relationships truly impact children during their early childhood years. Research has shown quality relationships with teachers:

  • Benefit a child’s social skills with their peers 
  • Decrease anxiety and depression as they continue their advanced education
  • Build literary skills and mathematic performance

The Gardner School is all about your child! With our infant and toddler programs, our teachers’ warm affection and nurturing interactions help babies to grow a sense of trust and confidence in the world, discover new skills, and encourage independence and a sense of self.

As your child turns two-years-old and develops into preschool-age, our teachers allow them to learn through play in a more structured environment. Through this interaction, our little students gain self-confidence and self-reliance within themselves.

Teachers should stimulate your child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. This approach ensures that each child’s learning experience will be nurtured at the proper pace, giving them a strong educational foundation for a bright future.