Early Childhood Development

STEAM: Technology Spotlight

Early Childhood Development | February 20, 2017
The Gardner School Student on iPad

Make Time for STEAM Activities at Home

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math — collectively known by the acronym, STEAM, these subjects have been incorporated into a powerful cross-disciplinary learning movement in the educational system throughout recent years. At The Gardner School, we want to help students connect these subjects rather than study them in silos. This will help our children be effective problem-solvers as they explore solutions with creativity and knowledge. Specifically, we treat technology as a friend when it comes to STEAM activities.

How Does The Gardner School Incorporate Technology Into Learning?

The Gardner School is intentional about incorporating technology into the learning environment. During a 15-minute time period we call center play, students can spend a few moments at a computer learning new skills at the website, ABC Mouse. The computer classes at The Gardner School are taught with the Be Smart Kids software.  It’s a phonics- and math-based program that mixes proven learning techniques with contemporary computer technology to produce “smart kids.” Our students become proficient on the computer by playing fun games that can stimulate every area of the brain at the stage of life when children learn best.

Our teachers also use iPads to enrich learning. For example, when we were talking about Zoo Animals this summer, some of our teachers pulled up the “Panda Cam” at the San Diego Zoo. We also use non-fiction video clips to illustrate lessons on the moon landing, butterfly hatchings, bridge construction or even weather events. The students can also create photo books using iPads.

How Can You Incorporate Technology and STEAM Activities At Home?

We all know that learning doesn’t stop when your kids leave school. In fact, some of the most important educational moments happen right in the heart of your own home. If you have a computer, iPad or other technology devices at home, consider taking advantage of great learning websites or educational apps. Not only will kids be entertained, but they will also walk away with new knowledge and a hunger for more.

Take it a step further by making time for STEAM activities to do as a family. Pinterest is a great asset, as it’s loaded with numerous ideas for fun STEAM projects, so explore away! You can find a few STEAM activities on our STEAM Education board. Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of the technology and cross-disciplinary learning tools available to you as parents. The Gardner School is here to partner with you on this journey. We’re honored to play a role in your preschooler’s path to lifelong learning.