Early Childhood Development

Smiling Matters

Early Childhood Development | February 9, 2016
Smiling Gardner School Students

We can all take a lesson from infants. As soon as they come into the world, studies show that newborns automatically know how to smile. However, over time, people develop “social smiles,” or smiles that don’t quite make it to the eyes. And unfortunately, America is most known for this. There’s good news though! You can always relearn how to truly smile!

Teachers are some of the happiest employees because they get to work with happy, smiling kids. Children smile more, which creates a positive environment for our Gardner School preschools! Smiling has been known to reduce stress because your smile releases endorphins into your body, so smiling really does matter!

Endorphins are simply triggered when muscles in your face move! These chemicals help a person to feel happy and relaxed. Even faking a smile will boost your mood since the brain isn’t able to differentiate between a social smile and a true smile.

Did you also know that smiling burns calories? And, if that weren’t enough, smiling leads to laughing, which burns even more! Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s research shows that laughing 10 to 15 minutes can burn between 10 to 40 calories! So, go on and smile today. It’ll do you good.