Early Childhood Development

Six “Seuss-Sational” Celebrations

Early Childhood Development | February 26, 2017
Dr Seuss Activities

Read Across America Day 

Did you know that February 27-March 3 is Dr. Seuss Week? Additionally, the National Education Association (NEA) dedicated Read Across America Day 20 years ago as a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually on March 2 — Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Read Across America is the largest celebration of reading our country has ever seen.

In the spirit of celebrating this wonderful combination of events, we thought it would be fun to offer you a list of six “Seuss-sational” celebrations you can explore with your children during the special week. Not only will these activities be good learning opportunities for your kids, you’ll also enjoy some fun, quality time together.

The Lorax

This classic tale educates young readers on the importance of seeing beauty in the world around us and our responsibility for protecting it. As a way to help your child bring the moral of this story to life, pick up some packets of seeds from your local hardware, home improvement, or garden center store. Find a place outdoors or within your home to plant seeds with your child, while teaching them how to water and care for the plants as they grow.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

This beginner’s classic book celebrates how fun the imagination can be. Since preschoolers are known to have quite the imagination, pick up some Goldfish Colors Crackers at the grocery to use for a variety of fun learning activities. Ask your child to sort them by color into different cups or “fish bowls.” Encourage them to use their imaginations to create a craft using the crackers and some construction paper. You can also help them learn to count with the different colored crackers.

The Cat in the Hat

This whimsical tale helps kids learn to overcome boredom by trying something new. To help your child embrace a spirit of adventure, use poster board or construction paper to draw the cat’s famous red and white striped hat. Turn it upside down and call it your “Cat in the Hat Bucket List.” On each stripe, ask your preschooler to add a fun adventure or “bucket list” item they would like to accomplish in the days ahead.

Green Eggs and Ham

As one of Dr. Seuss’s more famous tales, the list of places to enjoy green eggs and ham, and friends to enjoy them with, gets longer and longer. Put together a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast for your child. You can find several fun recipe ideas online. Consider making some deviled eggs, using green food coloring or avocados. You can also invite a few of your child’s friends or family members over to help enjoy this unusual treat.

Horton Hears a Who

In this timeless tale, Dr. Seuss’s lesson that “a person’s a person, no matter how small” is a perfect way to help illustrate to your child the importance of kindness and perseverance. After reading this book together, talk about good deeds your child could do for someone special in your life and help them pull it off. When finished, give them this “I Did Something Good Today!” certificate from Horton himself!

The Sneetches

Likely lesser known than some of Dr. Seuss’s other works, The Sneetches helps children learn to accept people for who they are, even if they are different than you. While reading the book and communicating this lesson, find a map or a globe to use while talking to your child about the many different types of people in the world. Talk about all the different languages, races, and cultures that exist throughout the globe. Above all, explain to your child that while everyone is different, it makes for a more beautiful world.

To learn more about the NEA’s Read Across America, click here.