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The Gardner School offers year-round full and part-time childcare with early childhood education programs for children six weeks old through private Kindergarten at our Northbook preschool campus. In addition, we will also provide a full suite of enrichment classes and our summer camp, Camp Gardner. All of our lead teachers have four year degrees in early childhood education, elementary education or a closely related field. The stimulating, creative and educationally engineered school has been designed to meet the needs of our most important client... the children. Attention to detail both inside and outside the classroom is what makes The Gardner School a very special place for young children.

Enrichment Programs Offered



For Ages: 18 Months +

Wiggles and Giggles

For Ages: 18 Months to 3 Years

Be Smart Computers

For Ages: 2 Years +


For Ages: 2 Years +

Amazing Athletes

For Ages: 2 Years +


For Ages: 2 Years +


For Ages: 3 Years +

Northbrook Campus Leadership

Allison Deutsch
School Director

Allison Deutsch

How long have you been with TGS? Since December 2013

Roles Served with TGS: I was given the amazing opportunity of joining the Gardner School in Glenview-Northbrook as its first Executive School Director, and I look forward to many more years of welcoming new families to the school.

What is your educational background? 

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education (K-9th grade) from Northern Illinois University and received a type 03 teaching certificate from the state of Illinois. Upon graduating from Northern, I went on to work for several years in a variety of educational settings, teaching both in elementary schools and community colleges. I returned to NIU and obtained my Master of Science in Education, with an emphasis in reading and literacy, which led to teaching students with limited English proficiency. About 14 years ago I stepped into the field of Early Childhood Education and just fell in love with introducing little ones to the joy of learning about the world around them.

What made you decide to have a career in education? 

I have always enjoyed the process of learning -- discovering something new and seeing how it relates to what I already know or have experienced. It is exciting to take the risk of stepping beyond the world as I know it and trying something new. I love sharing the sense of joy and discovery. Leading others in that world of discovery and watching as they have that “Ah-ha” moment is very rewarding.

What makes you laugh about kids? 

I love how truthful children are. The things that come out of their mouths are so refreshing and honest. Sometimes they just say the darnedest things.

What do you love most about working with infants through the age of 5? 

I love watching them grow. Everyday something new is added to their life skills, vocabulary, or understanding of the world around them. The transformation happens so quickly. I also think this is the best time to lay down that foundation of kindness and caring that makes them better people. Acceptance and empathy for others is so difficult to teach if the foundation is not in place.

What is your favorite part of the day at TGS? 

My favorite part of the day at TGS is walking through the classrooms. I love to see the creativity and learning that is taking place in each classroom. I also enjoy lunch in the café. This is a great opportunity for me to sit with the children as they share such wonderful stories about what is happening in their classrooms and in their lives.

What do you love most about TGS? 

I love the feeling of camaraderie amongst the staff and the great relationships that we have with our families. There really is a very strong bond. The parents are supportive and appreciative of how we nurture and teach their children. That is saying a lot, because they are leaving us with their most prized possession, their child.

What is your fondest memory of TGS thus far? 

My fondest memory so far is our first Pre-K Graduation.

What is the funniest thing you have ever heard come out of the mouth of a TGS Student? 

It is not so much a thing a child said, but an event. It was our Winterfest production in which the students perform winter and holiday songs for the families. One of our two year old students discovered the microphone at the edge of the stage. He bent over and started blowing into the microphone and out came this awesome version of Jinglebells all in wind. The entire audience went wild.

What inspires you? 

My own family inspires me. I have a great husband and two truly remarkable children, who are now adults. I love family dinners when everyone is in town and the entire family shares their amazing experiences, thoughts, and dreams. Who knew that raising your own children could keep you in such a constant state of learning and on your toes. I also love their wicked sense of humor! My mind never goes numb trying to keep up with them.

What is your passion or passions? I love the arts, especially theater. I also enjoy reading. I can get lost in the world of a really well written book. The problem is I just don’t seem to have the time to get to everything on my list.

What does the term ‘Where Learning Begins’ mean to you? 

See my answer below – it encompasses both questions

How important is early childhood education?

Early childhood education is of the utmost importance. It lays the foundation for success both in school and in the world as a whole -- discovering how to navigate among others, work out differences, share and cooperate. Understanding when to lead and when to follow and having the opportunity to be exposed to the arts, sciences, math, and literature give children the sense of making the world around them meaningful and understandable.

Do you have children who go to TGS or have gone to TGS? 

No, but I would have had The Gardner School been around when my children were little.

What would you tell new parents who are apprehensive about leaving their infant in the care of someone else for the first time? 

Their child will be loved, nurtured, and cherished. Our doors are open, and the teachers accessible and wonderful. We will make sure your child will receive the same type of care here at TGS that you would provide at home. Call as often as you need to. We will send pictures and information throughout the day to keep you abreast of how your child is doing throughout the day. I sometimes call the infant teachers “The Baby Whisperers’ because they are so amazing and in-tune with the children.

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Christina Sayat
Assistant Director

Christina Sayat

How long have you been with TGS? February 2014

Roles Served with TGS: I began working as a preschool teacher in our Imagination A program at the TGS Glenview-Northbrook location. After 9 amazing months in the classroom, I was promoted to the AD position! 

What is your educational background? 

I graduated with a Bachelors in Family & Consumer Sciences, with an emphasis in Human Development and Child Life and a minor in Sociology.

What made you decide to have a career in education?

I chose a career in education because I have a love for teaching children and creating a challenging environment that will stimulate the young mind. The reward of seeing children develop is exciting and priceless! I love inspiring and instructing students, and at the same time, watching the smiles on their precious face, as they achieve an accomplishment!

What makes you laugh about kids?

Kids are so unpredictable! What makes me laugh most is their curiosity, and the way they are able to use their creative minds to make the world anything that they would love to create! Their creativity and imagination is out of the world!

What do you love most about working with infants through the age of 5?

I love motivating and teaching our students to learn. By working in the field of early education, I absolutely love teaching them how to learn and doing it in a way that is imaginative and inventive.

What is your favorite part of the day at TGS?

My favorite part of my day is the ability to use my teaching experiences and education to help teachers prepare and implement curriculum. Every day I have the opportunity to work with all of our students in each class and provide my insight and advice on anything that the teachers may need. 

What do you love most about TGS?

I love knowing that I work for a school that will 100% support their staff and provide any and every resource to further a child’s education and development. TGS is a company that consistently shows how much they care for not only their students, but staff as well.

What is your fondest memory of TGS thus far?

All my fondest memories at TGS include watching our students achieve milestones! It is wonderful to look at some of our toddlers and think it was not long ago since they were in Infant A rooms as our youngest students! Time sure flies at TGS!

What inspires you?

Being a positive role model is my inspiration! Great teaching skills are all about providing students a caring, nurturing, and academically stimulating environment! Watching our students grow and reach milestones inspires me each day at TGS!

What is your passion or passions?

My passion working with TGS is to continue to watch our wonderful students grow as individuals and explore the educational world around them. I hope to gain experience as an Assistant Director, and one day in the future move to an Executive Director position where I will be able to exercise all my education, experience, and knowledge to promote TGS and all of its excellence.

What does the term “Where Learning Begins” mean to you?

I feel as though the term “Where Learning Begins” has everything to do with the importance of the most critical time in a child’s development. Early childhood is a vulnerable point in a child’s life where the most development is taking place. Because it is such a crucial time, it is of great importance that children are stimulated in every developmental area at this time. Exposure to an early education program will further help a child succeed as they enter school. It is in these stages where we as educators plant the seeds for social, emotional, and academic growth.

How important is early childhood education?

Personally, I feel that early education is key in the developmental role in a child’s life. Early education is the concrete foundation that we as educators lay out for students. As a preschool teacher, I knew the importance of preparing and creating a solid curriculum in order to set a positive expectation for students early on, in preparation for the educational environment they will continue to encounter.  

What would you tell new parents who are apprehensive about leaving their infant in the care of someone else for the first time?

I would connect with families and let them know the questions and concerns that they are experiencing with leaving their infant in care is understandable. However, as an early educator for the past nine years, it is very evident that the earliest years of a child’s life are where the most learning occurs. Research has actually demonstrated that most of the brain’s actual physical growth occurs during the first two years of life. Placing your infant in a program such that TGS offers, promotes physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development in a stimulating and exciting environment.

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