Our pre-K program focuses on the skills your child needs for Kindergarten readiness. Our teachers prepare our students for the academic challenges and environment they will encounter in Kindergarten and beyond, by tailoring the curriculum and lessons to the child’s needs, encouraging meaningful learning experiences through play, and instilling a sense of responsibility, leadership, and independence during the Pre-K year.

“His development at the age of 4 is amazing. The words that he has learned at TGS have allowed us to have full conversations much earlier than I ever expected as a parent.”

Kevin Allen, TGS Parent

Program Highlights

DLM Early Childhood Express Curriculum

(at select schools)

With a foundation in early childhood neurological research, the DLM Curriculum structures our preschool and pre-K programs for optimal learning in an engaging classroom environment. The carefully selected and sequenced learning experiences strategically help children grasp early literacy, language, math, and science concepts through a wide range of learning materials and a multi-sensory approach that is designed to comply with key state and national early childhood guidelines.

Learning Without Tears

Using multi-sensory techniques, the Learning Without Tears curriculum promotes written communication success in the classroom for Pre-K and Kindergarteners. With this program, our teachers use instructional techniques and activities that for teaching Pre-K readiness, writing, literacy, and math, as well as developmentally appropriate, hands-on techniques for teaching handwriting, keyboarding, and digital citizenship for Kindergarteners.

Kindergarten Readiness

Our pre-K program ensures your child is ready to enter a structured Kindergarten environment upon graduating from The Gardner School. Kindergarten will bring excitement and a new sense of responsibility with homework and class roles that your child will already be accustomed to as a TGS student. In Pre-K, KITE (Keeping It All Together Every Day) binders are introduced, which serve as a responsibility learning tool, introduces the concept of homework, and allows teachers to further communicate with parents and extend the lessons at home. In the summer after graduation, we offer a Kindergarten Boot Camp that will further prepare your child with structured social and academic skills for Kindergarten readiness.

Learning Centers

Our Pre-K classrooms utilize learning centers, which allow for teacher-directed activities and collaborative problem-solving, while maintaining flexibility for the children to independently explore areas of interest. The centers are focused on helping develop language and reading skills, construction, math, fine motor, art, dramatic play, science, and sensory exploration, but they also include the use of technology, with curriculum-focused games and lessons on computers and iPads. Each area helps your child further explore themes and concepts introduced in class with a hands-on, interactive approach for Kindergarten readiness.

Enrichment Programs

Pre-Kindergarteners take center stage in enrichment programs, often learning more advanced skills and earning the main parts in plays and performances. These focused, small-group classes vary from school to school, but may include dance, computers, music and drama, foreign language, karate, sports skills, or cooking. This is a chance for kids to begin to develop and show their personal interests under the guidance of skilled professionals.

Parent Communications

We understand the importance of staying connected to your child while at school. With real-time daily updates, photos, and notifications through our PreciouStatus emails and app, our teachers take time to communicate every piece of your child’s day. Through child assessments, KITE binders, phone calls, and teacher/parent conferences, TGS enables and encourages our parents to be an active part of their child’s Pre-K educational experience.

World of Wonders Curriculum

(at select schools)

With the goal of building a strong foundation for early literacy, the World of Wonders (also referred to as WOW) curriculum provides developmentally appropriate instruction for early preschool and pre-K learners, ages 3 to 5, including cross-curricular activities, a focus on social-emotional development, and preparation for kindergarten and beyond.

A Typical Day for a TGS Pre-Kindergartener

  • Sight Word Practice
  • Reading and Literacy
  • Working with Letters, Language, and Phonics
  • Lessons in Mathematics and Scientific Concepts
  • Handwriting
  • Creative Art Projects
  • Naptime
  • Exploring Thematic Learning Centers
  • Eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack in the Kids Café
  • Following Directions and Being Careful Listeners
  • Classroom Roles
  • Preparing KITE Binders to Go Home Each Day
  • Music, Singing, and Dance
  • Computer and iPad Learning