Available at select TGS locations, our private Kindergarten program offers a full day of fun educational experiences. With a research-based curriculum and teacher/student ratios that are nearly half those of most public and private schools, your child will gain an academic edge right from the start.

Program Highlights

Open Court Reading

Delivering a 50-year history and legacy of success in improving reading skills for students, the Open Court Reading curriculum offers an explicit, systematic, research-based instruction approach that ensures active learning and participation by Kindergartners with the scaffolding needed to help them achieve independent reading. Continually evolving to meet the needs of today’s students and teachers, Open Court Reading curriculum helps build a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

MATH Expressions

Based on National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research, Math Expressions is a proven curriculum that helps Kindergarteners make sense of math by exploring, discussing, and demonstrating their understanding of key concepts. Students learn how to look deeper and choose their own path to the answers, which develops skills that will take them far beyond the classroom.

Learning Without Tears

Using multi-sensory techniques, the Learning Without Tears curriculum promotes written communication success in the classroom for Kindergarteners. With this program, our teachers use instructional techniques and activities that for teaching writing, literacy, and math, as well as developmentally appropriate, hands-on techniques for teaching handwriting, keyboarding, and digital citizenship for Kindergarteners.

Full-Day Classroom Experience

Unlike many Kindergarten offerings, TGS features a full-day curriculum and schedule that will fully prepare your child for the first grade. Also unlike many other schools in the communities we serve, TGS believes that creating a habit of learning over a full class day leads to well-prepared first-graders.

Small-Group Setting

Our private Kindergarten features much smaller teacher/student ratios than most public and private schools. Our typical class ratio is one teacher to every 15 students, as we believe in delivering a focused, hands-on learning experience for your child.


Learning centers give Kindergarteners the opportunity to test out daily lessons with real-world, hands-on application. We incorporate technology into the repetitive extension of teacher-directed lessons by encouraging our students to play educational games and solve puzzles on the computer and iPad. With technology becoming a main focus in Elementary Schools, your child will develop a sense of comfort and ease with computers at an early age.


We understand the importance of staying connected to your child while at school. With real-time daily updates, photos, and notifications through our PreciouStatus emails and app, our teachers take time to communicate every piece of your child’s day. Through KITE binders, phone calls, and teacher/parent conferences, TGS enables and encourages our parents to be an active part of their child’s educational experience. Detailed child assessments ensure that each child is achieving the appropriate levels of success for this developmental age.

A Typical Day for a TGS Kindergarten

  • Reading and Literacy
  • Working with Letters, Language, and Phonics
  • Interdisciplinary Lessons in STEAM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)
  • Handwriting
  • Creative Art Projects
  • Community Service Projects
  • Guest Speakers from the Community
  • Hands-on Group Learning Activities
  • Exploring Thematic Learning Centers
  • Eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack in the Kids’ Café
  • Following Directions and Being Careful Listeners
  • Classroom Roles
  • Preparing KITE Binders to Go Home Each Day
  • Music, Singing, and Dance
  • Computer and iPad Learning