Early Childhood Development

Our Preschool Chooses Degreed Lead Teachers

Early Childhood Development | January 5, 2017
Preschool Lead Teachers

Learn from the Best

The Gardner School’s early childhood education program utilizes nationally recognized early childhood curriculums. Students aren’t just preparing for kindergarten, they are preparing for long-term educational outcomes as well. One of our core initiatives is to create a team of leaders who are knowledgeable about children’s education and knowing how to develop these leaders within our organization. We hire lead teachers with four-year degrees in education or a closely related field for each classroom. When you enlist qualified and highly educated staff, it will lead to a more professional and top-notch educational program.

Educational Promise

The Gardner School preschool teachers deliver our promise of being academically focused on a daily basis. Their educational backgrounds give them access to research, case studies, clinical experiences, lesson plans and more. Executive School Director Jennifer Farmer, at Chicago’s The Gardner School of Oak Brook says, “I’ve completed hours upon hours of research, lectures, case studies, clinical experiences, papers, portfolios, lesson plans, reading, reading, and more reading. This foundation of knowledge offers me a battery of insight to apply in the field.”

Passion for Education

“Teaching young children is a privilege,” according to Jennifer. “The formative years are vital ones. As educators, we owe children the very best of our abilities. We take our research about early childhood and the wonderful opportunities for collaboration and use them to provide the very best experiences in these early years.” A love for children, a passion for education and a desire to make their mark on the world through nurturing future generations are the reasons our teachers pursued an educational degree.

Developmentally Appropriate

Sarah Flood, a Franklin, TN Pre-K teacher, holds a degree in child studies with a minor in psychology. She says the most important thing she’s learned through her courses and classroom experience is recognizing and implementing developmentally appropriate practices for each child and their age group. “While having classroom experience is important, having a four year degree in Child Studies enables me to be an effective teacher. I have a better understanding of my students and can tailor my lesson plan to have the best outcome for each individual child.”

The teachers at The Gardner School deliver on our school’s promise of being academically focused. We have seen former graduates achieve their goals in kindergarten and beyond. At The Gardner School, we give students an excellent foundation that allows for future academic success, and we recognize the profound impact our teachers play in making that happen.