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New Moms: Beating the Stress

Family Living | June 10, 2014

Many of The Gardner School moms are working moms, and we understand it can be a tough process to go back to work after having a little one. Moms experience a world of emotions that range from excitement to guilt to nervousness during this transition back into the workplace. And even though you know your baby is being well cared for and loved, it’s never easy to let someone else take care of your child. If you’re a new mother heading back into the office, here are several things to consider:

Treat yourself! As stressful as this change may feel, use it as an opportunity to get excited for your new workplace journey. Allow yourself a bit of pampering with a professional manicure or a new outfit for the first day to look and feel your best.

Get organized for your return. A few days before it’s time to go back, run through the plan for your new routine of getting yourself and your baby ready for the day. Go ahead and choose an outfit, pack your bag and a bag for your baby and prepare a grab-and-go breakfast for the day of. You will thank yourself for this when you are rushing around on your first morning back, and it may allow for more baby-and-me time before you have to leave.

Don’t have the Monday blues. Schedule your first day back mid-week. Mondays are somewhat stressful for everyone, so going back on a full, busy day might be a little much to take.

Schedule a part-time transition. If your employer is flexible, it may be less harsh to work a few part-time days or weeks before going full-time. This period can provide an excellent segue for you to get back into the swing of things at work while also balancing your role as a mom.

Photos to the rescue! Take a few baby photos with you to your office, and ask your preschool or caregiver to share some with you by text.

Distracted? If you feel distracted, take a break and call your spouse, your parent or a friend to talk it out.

You’re not the only one. More than half of all new moms go back to work within the first year of their new baby’s life. Don’t feel guilty or be too hard on yourself! Many others have done it and will do it in the future.