Early Childhood Development

Lifelong Friendships Begin in Preschool

Early Childhood Development | February 9, 2016
Lifelong Friendships

We all know lifelong friendships are precious. Friendships boost a child’s morale. Rare, lifelong friendships go even further and grow knowledge, improve behavior, and establish healthy habits.

As we mentioned in the blog “The Importance of Relationships at an Early Age”, it’s critical to provide opportunities for your children to be around others. Sending them to a preschool like The Gardner School, early in life is an exceptional start to both early childhood education and relationships. Our schools range in ages six months to six years, so relationships established may grow into lifelong friendships.

It’s ideal for children to mature with friends. The Huffington Post wrote, “People with a wide network of friends have less tension, suffered from less stress, had stronger defenses and lived longer.” Early friendships created at school can have a very positive effect with self-esteem, healthy behaviors, handling life’s challenges, and more!

Friendships established in pre-k not only provide playmates for games on the playground, but also help children obtain beneficial social skills and develop emotional elements. Being around others their age helps expand knowledge on communication and problem solving, encourages good and healthy habits, and presents opportunities to show good behavior. Though the first stages of friendship are more for superficial reasons (like trendy toys, neighbors, or family), these friendships can evolve into lifelong friendships with deeper meaning.

Friends support each other emotionally in many situations. Good friends want the best for you, and it’s vital to have these relationships as an adult. Strong friendships developed early on in childhood contribute to a child’s quality of life and will help with life changes and growth down the road.

Further, schools or other services allow families to get to know each other. For example, parents and guardians make great friends through The Gardner School. Outside of school, they even create time for their children to meet through play dates, parties, and joining clubs. Bonding through many experiences boosts connections both for parents and their children!

We encourage you to check out a school to benefit your children. Friends encourage positive habits and emotions, help overcome traumatic situations, and gain exposure to happiness!