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Kids in Cars Awareness

Family Living | August 29, 2016

Every year, thousands of lives are saved because of seat belts. Unfortunately, car crashes are still one of the biggest reasons children lose their lives. Head over to Safe Kids Worldwide to learn more safety tips on car seats and seat belts.

That being said, there are also other potential car problems that can put children’s lives in danger. Continue reading to find some helpful solutions.

Heat Stroke 

According to Kids and Cars (, 37 children lose their lives each year because of heat-related deaths after parents and caregivers unknowingly leave their children in the car. Don’t let it happen to you!


– Never leave your children alone in your car. Make sure your vehicles are always locked so children don’t accidentally get locked in while playing.

– Before you lock your door, check all seats and the trunk of your vehicle. Use something to remind you that you have a child in the car. For example, place a big stuffed animal in a child’s car seat. Once a child is in their seat, the animal comes to the front of the car, setting a visual reminder that there’s a child in the car.

– Drive-thru services aren’t just for convenience anymore. Use this service option when going to restaurants, dry cleaners, etc., so you don’t have to get out of your vehicle.

Slow Rolling 

Children can easily be missed when a car is either backing up or moving forward out of the driveway or parking lot.


– Before you begin to drive, check around your entire vehicle by physically walking around your car. That’s right, you can get in some physical activity while being safe.

– If you spot kids outside, take time to spot an adult supervisor. This way, you know you have extra eyes on them while driving.

– Toys and bikes are usually found in driveways of houses. Try to start a habit of having these items off the driveway, which will help lure children away from potential moving vehicles.

Holding hands while crossing streets and parking lots is more than just a sign of affection — it’s a sign of safety.

Shifting Gears 

Surprisingly, many kids have been injured by either unintentionally or physically putting a car in motion. Though there is a newer safety regulation preventing vehicles from being put into gear without the driver’s foot on the break, there are still older cars on the road that don’t have this feature.


– Never leave your children alone in your car or around other cars. Make sure your vehicles are always locked so children can’t jump into the driver’s seat and “pretend” they are driving.

– Keep keys and key fobs out of a child’s reach.

– Avoid parking your vehicle on an incline just in case anything were to happen.