Keeping Your Kids Safe

Education | October 5, 2014
National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month, and your child’s safety is our utmost concern at The Gardner School. On a big scale, safety and security are top priorities from the moment we build a new preschool. To create a successful safety program we install a closed-circuit camera system in every one of our childcare schools and give each parent or guardian a unique PIN code to enter the school. And to prioritize continuous risk reduction, we pay attention to the small safety details, like finger guards on doors that prevent students from jamming their fingers, as well as the big ones, like crisis plans for natural disasters and weather.

The Gardner School works daily with your children to teach them to be aware individuals and practice a safe life. Especially in the warmer months, we know that accidents and injuries happen! To promote playground safety, we increase supervision outdoors, and all teachers carry a first aid pack. Students are encouraged to wear closed-toed shoes and sunscreen for day care, and we generally discourage jackets with strings that could get caught on playground equipment.

Throughout the year, we partner with local police departments to carseat checks for new families to make sure that carseats are properly installed. We also hold bicycle safety days, where the police lead the children through helmet fittings and an obstacle course that gets them ready to be safe cyclists. Another important safety lesson teaches the children about “stranger danger” and when to protect themselves against inappropriate contact. We realize that your kids are constantly learning, and teaching them to practice a safe lifestyle now will help build safer young adults down the road!