Early Childhood Development

How Preschool Can Prepare Your Kids for Kindergarten

Early Childhood Development | March 5, 2017
A Preschooler Ready for Kindergarten

For working moms and dads, preschool can offer a safe and positive childcare environment for kids during the workday. But the benefits of preschool extend well beyond daily childcare. Preschool can provide an important introduction to the notion of schooling. For most children, attending preschool provides an opportunity to become familiar with specific academic skills that they will be expected to learn soon after entering kindergarten.

So, when it comes to kindergarten readiness, what skills can a child can gain by attending an academic preschool? Here are a few examples:


Children learn how to use basic cognitive skills, which helps their approach to learning. Activities such as working simple puzzles, organizing objects into groups, matching pictures, or even repeating words to songs and rhymes are key for developing cognitive skills needed for kindergarten.


A child’s ability to communicate and respond, both expressively and receptively, is critically important for entering kindergarten. A quality preschool program can help a child to understand basic vocabulary, speak in complete sentences, and recognize letters, numbers, and simple words. Some students even learn how to print the letters of their name while in preschool.


Number recognition and simple counting techniques are another important key for kindergarten readiness. Preschool offers a child the opportunity to learn the simple concepts of “adding to” and “taking away,” as well as counting and numerical arrangement skills.


Physical development is another important kindergarten readiness indicator. Preschool provides children the opportunity to learn how to hold and use scissors and writing utensils with control. Other important preschool motor skills activities include learning how to jump, run, and even hold, bounce, and catch a ball.


Every parent desires for their child to practice good social skills. While some of these important skills are learned at home, preschool takes the extra step toward kindergarten preparation by making sure children know how to appropriately interact with each other, make their needs known, and perform simple personal care tasks, such as hand washing or using the restroom. Even more, preschool helps children identify their age, first and last names, and parents’ names.

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