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Helpful Hints for Your Family Holiday Card

Family Living | October 6, 2014
Family Holiday Card

We all take great pride in our families and each holiday we get the chance to share their smiling faces with the world through our holiday cards. So no pressure, but you want to send out the most beautiful card that showcases  the personality of your kids, right?

Getting Started
When searching for inspiration, Pinterest is an invaluable resource. A simple search of “family holiday cards” or “DIY holiday cards” will yield countless boards and pins of creative card ideas.

Taking or Selecting the Perfect Photo

Try to use something candid by focusing on relationships rather than poses. It’s no easy task lining your kids up in clothes they’d rather not be wearing, making them stand still and getting them to say “cheese.” Try to capture a natural moment when they’re interacting.

When it comes to wardrobe, simplify. Neutral, non-clashing colors work best. Don’t over accessorize your small children. Cute hats and scarves will probably not stay in position (or on at all).

People are more important than the setting. Your kids should be front and center. Make sure it’s a good picture of them. Don’t go with a picture where they are dwarfed by a landmark or a dramatic setting.

Use a high-resolution photo. You’re paying to print and send these out: something snapped on your cell phone won’t look all that great when blown up.

You can even stand out by featuring a funny theme each year. Learn some ways here.

Customize your Card

Sites such as Shutterfly have a wide variety of great pre-fab holiday cards with affordable printing prices. To customize your card, you simply upload photos from your computer, Facebook, Instagram or Shutterfly account (if you have one already). Other user-friendly card template sites include Minted and TinyPrints.