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Got Balance? How to Run a Successful Business and a Happy Home

Family Living | November 15, 2017
Chuck Ransom and Family

Chuck Ransom, Vice President of Business Operations and Co-owner of Rezult Group can affirm that the success of a business is only as good as the quality of its employees. Founded 15 years ago in Nashville and now in five other cities in the Southeast, Rezult Group uses a quality-driven approach to staffing. “We take both the client and employer relationships very seriously, as the goal is to find the best cultural match for both parties involved,” Ransom said. As many companies find it challenging to have time for a high-quality hiring process, Rezult Group helps steward companies and hiring managers through the process.

Though technology and social media has changed many practices for the staffing industry in both good and bad ways, Ransom still sees value in sitting down with individuals face to face. This is how Rezult Group can best discern a culture fit for the both the business and the job seeker. For the individuals on the job hunt, one of the most important qualities Ransom sees them looking for in a position is a good work-life balance.

As a husband, father and business owner, Ransom can certainly relate to the importance of that. He explains that The Gardner School, an academically-focused early childhood education school for ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, has helped him instill balance. His two daughters began attending the Brentwood, Tennessee, location ever since he and his wife interviewed a total of eight potential preschools before The Gardner School quickly rose to the top of the list.

The Gardner School allows Ransom and his wife to share day-to-day parenthood duties in ways that complement their work schedules, all the while trusting The Gardner School with their daughters’ early childhood development and care during the work day.

“It’s important to get the kids into a daily routine with a solid curriculum,” Ransom said. “My daughters have developed confidence from their learning experience, and The Gardner School teachers have prepared them for a smooth transition into kindergarten.”

So whether you run a business or work for one, aim to keep a healthy balance between home and the office. If things get lopsided, consider making some adjustments. Nashville, thanks to its continued growth, has a community of resources to offer its workforce to make sure we are setting each other up for success, both on the job and in life.

This blog highlights a locally-owned/operated business of a parent at The Gardner School. With a specific emphasis on how The Gardner School offers busy parents an added peace of mind in knowing their children are in excellent care each day, this feature also specifically reveals how The Gardner School helps facilitate a healthy work-life balance for these hardworking moms and dads by providing their children a safe, academically-focused, and high-quality early childhood education.