Early Childhood Development

Fun Columbus Places to Teach Friendship

Early Childhood Development | February 2, 2016
Friends in Columbus

Teaching your children how to be good friends starts with you — their parent or guardian. At an early age, kids look up to their closest caregivers as role models. They closely watch how you interact with family, friends and coworkers, and in turn, mimic your actions. To further prepare them, explain how to be a good friend — maybe even read some books that display positive relationships like the classic Frog and Toad series by Arnold Lobel.

Positive friendships are extremely important and benefit health, behavior and communication. It’s important for children to experience other relationships outside of your family and neighborhood. These relationships can be found at The Gardner School or by participating in community activities around Columbus (or both, if you’re a real overachiever)!

Read how building relationships at an early age begins in preschool here. There are great opportunities in Columbus to help kids discover and master new activities and knowledge while practicing making friends. It’s important these life skills be developed at an early age, so it comes naturally as they grow older. Below are a few options (but not all) for new adventures you and your little ones can go on!

COSI’s Kidspace is an area for your little ones to climb, slide, splash, imagine, and more with others. Overseen by early childhood experts, your little scientists feel safe while exploring new exhibits and developing social skills.

Ready for summer yet? This water park is home to great adventure! While your older children are playing on attractions like Baboon Lagoon or Roaring Rapids, you can take the babes to Tiny Tides, a 4,000-square-foot playground with 12 marine animal structures and a pool that’s 12-14 inches deep! You’re sure to meet other parents and children in a fun and relaxing environment.

This Bethel Road Graeter’s location is a great area to practice being good friends with many different types of kids! Why your little ones are hyped up on the delicious taste of Graeter’s ice cream, they can play at the “Scoops and Chutes” area.

Offering preschool, nature-based story time weekly, kids gather to enjoy learning time in the library and bird-viewing room. After the story ends, children can befriend each other in the Forest Room, where they can dress up like birds, play with puppets, or climb in the treetops.

This farm sheds light to work done over 100+ years ago! Not only will your kids learn about farm life, they also have a chance to explore the gardens, streams, wetlands, and more. Plus Slate Run offers preschoolers animal educational programs and Beech Tree Puppets.