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From the Mouth of Babes: What is Santa Bringing Mom and Dad?

Family Living | December 22, 2017

Santa has come and gone this year, and children and parents alike are breaking in their new gift items. It’s always fun each year to hear children share what’s on their Santa wish list, and we decided to take it a step further. Last week we asked our students at The Gardner School what Santa would be bringing their moms and dads this year. From practical and much needed items that fit nicely into boxes to some very creative and unusual ones that likely won’t fit under the tree (and that’s OK), our students put a lot of thought and care into their ideas. As you’ll see in the below responses we received from a handful of our schools, it appears that many of our parents have been very good this past year!

The Gardner School of Blue Ash (OH)

Parker, Age 4 – A bunch of shirts

Sam, Age 3 – A lion

Jiselle, Age 3 – A Slip-n-slide

Kensley, Age 5 –Christmas ornaments

Abigail, Age 4 – Jingle bells

The Gardner School of Brentwood (TN)

Ainsley, Age 4 – Well, our bread thing broke last night. It was going to make us lots of yummy bread for Christmas. So, I think Santa is going to bring my mom a new bread maker!

Madison, Age 4 – Santa is going to bring my dad a big dog with little tiny ears for Christmas. He is going to name him Bluey.

Wynn, Age 5 – I think my mom is going to get jellybeans.

Thomas, Age 4 – My dad wants a new saw for Christmas so he can cut wood for our fireplace!

Willow, Age 4 – I think Santa will bring my mom popsicles for Christmas.

Grant, Age 4 – My dad is getting coal for Christmas because he is on the naughty list! But my mom has been nice, so she is getting a new phone!

Harper, Age 4 – My dad is on the naughty list because he eats too much chocolate!

The Gardner School of Glenview-Northbrook (IL)

Will, Age 4 – Daddy is getting a new Nerf gun, and Mommy is getting flowers.

James, Age 4 – Mommy is getting a remote, and daddy is getting a crossbow.

Mckenzie, Age 4 – Mommy is getting a new pair of sunglasses. Daddy is getting a new football shirt (but not the kind you play in).

Matilda, Age 4 – Mommy is getting a new necklace. Daddy is getting a new picture of a Panda.

Sean, Age 4 – Mommy and Daddy don’t need anything. They have too much stuff. But wait, I do know that that Mommy is getting a new rug, and daddy is getting a new TV.

Maya, Age 4 – Mommy is getting a new purple tank dress and flowers. Daddy is getting nothing.

George, Age 5 – My dad really wants a record player and a Kris Bryant autograph.

Avery, Age 5 – My dad wants a ping pong table. My mom…I don’t know…I think new high heels.

Reyana, Age 5 – My mom would like a Cubs book, and my dad would like Sharpies.

Isaac, Age 5 – My dad would like a brand new car!

Eric, Age 5 – My mom will get a new dress, and I think my dad would like a fire extinguisher. Anay, Age 5 – My dad would like a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. My mom wants a new TV.

The Gardner School of Oak Brook (IL)

Kate, Age 4 – My mom wants a broom stick that flies by itself, and my dad wants a toy marshmallow.

Maggie, Age 4 – I think my mom wants another computer…she said maybe. My dad wants a computer, too, because he just doesn’t have one.

Madison, Age 4 – My mommy will get a new phone because she likes to text people. My daddy will get a chair because he likes to sit down and do nothing but watch TV.

Mia, Age 4 – My mommy will get a bracelet, necklace, earrings, and a headband. My daddy wants a new watch to look at the time (like my watch). Also, Daddy wants new clothes because he only has work clothes. He needs married clothes.

Owen, Age 4 – My mommy needs new tools because she needs a new jackhammer, hammer, screw driver, and nails. She can build a dog house. And, also, more pencils. My daddy wants a million dollars and some hot chocolate in a cup.

Eddie, Age 5 – They’re getting new clothes because their clothes are broken. Also, they are getting a new TV because the big one is broken because I was banging the remote too hard.

The Gardner School of Midtown (TN)

Ezra, Age 4 – An elf that is going to sit on the wall and make sure they are good, too.

Jackson, Age 4 – Superheroes that keep them safe.

Spencer, Age 4 – Lightning McQueen, so we can all ride fast in the mountains of snow to Santa’s cave.

Meigs, Age 4 – A choo-choo train to go through the snow like the Polar Express did.

Alex, Age 4 – A pot to cook something special for Santa, so he doesn’t get hungry.

The Gardner School of Minnetonka (MN)

Evan, Age 3 – She wants a toy car.

Mason, Age 3 – Coffee and another coffee

Henry, Age 2 – Green cake

The Gardner School of Naperville (IL)

Henry, Age 4 – A picture

Evan, Age 4 – Daddy might get a hammer.

Connor, Age 5 – A new car

Avery, Age 3 – Cabin socks

Ohana, Age 3 – Skye from Paw Patrol

Caitlin, Age 3 – A puppy dog

Harrison, Age 2 – Presents

While you’re enjoying new gifts and spending some quality time together this week, we hope we didn’t ruin any surprises. From all of us at The Gardner School, best wishes for a Happy New Year!