Early Childhood Development

From the Mouth of Babes: MLK Day

Early Childhood Development | January 15, 2017
MLK Day at Preschool

What We Dream About for our Future

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this month, we are not only taking a holiday to remember how great of a man Martin Luther King, Jr. was, but to remember his life values. Equality, education, hope, leadership and selflessness are among many qualities we can take away from learning about this man and his life.

For this special day, we wanted to ask a few of our students about their thoughts on dreams and how they care for others. We learned our young children truly do want to make the world a better place. Read a few of our answers!

Olivia, Age 4, Franklin

What do you want to be when you grow up?
“A police man because they can arrest bad people and put them in jail to keep us safe.”

Our students learn about the community throughout the school year, and even invite local officials to join us sometimes! We’ve learned policemen are heroes that sometimes go unthanked, but keep us very safe.

Zara, Age 3, Chicago

How do you show your friends that you care about them?
“I help them get up when they fall.”

Everybody needs a little help when they begin to falter. Our students learn to be very supportive of their peers.

Dani, Age 4, Nashville

What would make your neighborhood a better place?
“We could pick a lot of strawberries in our neighborhood to make it better.”

Food will always enhance a day! And, our students have learned the healthy benefits of certain food groups such as fruit. Dani, we agree with you, and if you go picking strawberries, count us in!

Milo, Age 3, Chicago 

What would make your neighborhood a better place?
“More places to play.”

If the world was one big playground, I think we all could agree to be a little happier everyday!

Anaya, Age 4, Nashville

How do you show your friends that you care about them?
“I say, “I love you” to them.”

Just think if everyone showed each other constant kindness. We support our parents teaching love and kindness at home, and continue to instill these traits early in our preschoolers.

Webb, Age 4, Franklin 

What do you dream about?
“I dream about rainbows that light up the whole sky and everything else.”

Because a rainbow typically comes after a storm, it can represent a time of peace. Rainbows bring sunlight, and brighten up our days at our schools!