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Finding a Better Work-Life Balance for Music City’s Tech Professionals

Family Living | December 8, 2017

With Nashville’s booming healthcare and business industries, it’s no surprise that its technology scene is also becoming quite competitive with other major U.S. cities. From boutique agencies to large corporations, you can find the best of the best setting up shop here in Music City. The technology market is on the rise with the increase of web development, graphic design, digital marketing, and social media, and there’s no better home than our very own “Athens of the South,” nicknamed after Nashville’s robust education, music, and art culture.

Making his own imprint in Nashville’s technology scene is Nashville Interactive owner Chris Bradshaw. Chris made his way to Nashville in the late 2000s after making a visit with his wife, Pam, and looking to settle closer to their families. Shortly after planting roots in Music City, Chris launched Nashville Interactive, a creative agency serving a national client base in website design & development, graphic design, visual branding, online advertising, and more. Nashville Interactive prides itself on providing a more personal, one-on-one experience for clients.

A graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, Chris honed his natural skills and interests by majoring in graphic design. His love for coding and web design, combined with the repercussions of the economic recession in the late 2000s, led Chris on the entrepreneurial journey of building and opening Nashville Interactive. Formerly working at several prominent agencies in Nashville, Chris had already formed a variety of connections within the community. Those relationships, along with Nashville Interactive’s strong portfolio of work, has allowed the company to thrive using a boutique agency model in Music City. However, Chris does admit, “The more my business thrives, the harder it is to find a good work-life balance and having trusted resources on both fronts is key.”

In addition to his role with Nashville Interactive, Chris’s most important role is being a husband to his loving wife Pam and father to their preschooler son, Hank. Since both Chris and Pam work full time and love their careers, early childhood education became a must when Hank entered the picture. Their search for a great preschool led them to The Gardner School, which offers academically focused early childhood education for ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Their preschool search ended after only one tour, when Chris and Pam immediately felt a strong peace of mind in choosing this early childhood education home for Hank.

A beautiful and safe facility and a friendly and well-equipped staff were among the many things that impressed Chris most about The Gardner School. But even more, the school’s use of technology — something obviously important to Chris in his industry — was of greater appeal. As an example, Chris affirmed, “The Gardner School uses the PreciouStatus app, which helps Pam and I have a peace of mind throughout the day as we receive regular updates about what Hank is experiencing and learning.”

As Chris continues to keep up to speed with the latest advancements in the web design and marketing industries, he hopes to position Nashville Interactive as a leader in those industries in Music City and across the country as well. With a strong community of professionals, a business-friendly atmosphere and a healthy work-life balance provided in no small part by institutions like The Gardner School, Nashville will continue to draw brilliant business-savvy individuals like Chris and will continue to raise its status as a leader in the technology industry along with many others.

This blog highlights a locally-owned/operated business of a parent at The Gardner School. With a specific emphasis on how The Gardner School offers busy parents an added peace of mind in knowing their children are in excellent care each day, this feature also specifically reveals how The Gardner School helps facilitate a healthy work-life balance for these hardworking moms and dads by providing their children a safe, academically-focused, and high-quality early childhood education.