Early Childhood Development

Engaging Children in STEAM Education Early

Early Childhood Development | May 4, 2016
TGS Computer Technology Enrichment Class

Young children are natural STEAM investigators, born ready to explore and discover the world around them. Spend 5 minutes with a preschooler and you will get plenty of questions as their own natural curiosity develops.

It is extremely beneficial to get your children involved in STEAM education during their early childhood educational years. These foundations for learning will continue into adulthood, where your child will need to thrive in the modern workforce. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Though many schools across the nation have increased their efforts towards stimulating these areas of skills within their students, it’s never too early to begin these educational building blocks! The Gardner School will be engaging these core skills with our summer program, and incorporating art, as well, with our Full STEAM Ahead summer program! Here’s a preview of our STEAM-related topics for the summer camp months!


  • Learning about the lifecycle of a chicken
  • Visits from local scientists


  • Creating balloon rockets


  • Designing rockets


  • Discovering famous artists
  • Painting with salt & watercolor mediums


  • Building gumdrop bridges

And, of course, you have to add a little fun into your camp; learning through play is a big part of growing! To make a well-rounded curriculum, some of our schools will have bounce houses, days for character dress up, visits from the park ranger, petting zoo and more! Contact us to sign your infant, toddler or preschooler up at www.thegardnerschool.com – it’s not just for big kids anymore!