Election Fun with Preschoolers

Education | October 27, 2016
Election Day Voting

With the election right around the corner, we are positive you and your family have seen many elephants and donkeys, blues and reds, stars and stripes, and more! Though your little ones aren’t able to vote and may not fully grasp the importance of an election, you can help them understand the biggest political event in America by engaging them with fun-filled activities. Spark election interest in your children with these easy ideas!

1. Read about it! 

There are numerous children’s election books to choose from. Start with these:

2. Play “I Spy.”

On your car rides to school, running errands, or visiting friends, see if your children can find campaign signs posted at businesses or in people’s yards. Help them pick out shapes and colors on the signs to make it a game!

3. Shake it out.

Get a little creative in your house by creating homemade shakers. Have your toddler decorate the outside of two paper plates. You can use red and blue paper, patriotic stickers, or anything else you have around the house. Place dry beans inside the two plates, and then staple the edges for them. On election night, whenever a state’s votes come in, have them shake it out!

4. Check out our Pinterest board. 

There are so many activities to keep children engaged, so if you want to start somewhere else, try our Pinterest Page: Kids for President!

All of our Gardner Schools are participating in entertaining activities throughout the election week. We are even holding our own election during snack time! Children will decide what they want to eat as a snack by either drawing or writing the name of the food item.