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Charity Ideas for Kids

Family Living | May 6, 2015
TGS of Blue Ash Making Dog Treats

The value of giving to charity is an important lesson to be instilled in our children. Not only does it teach some of the most laudable attributes any person can have, like patience, respect, acceptance, and empathy, and better our society as a whole, but also giving to a non-profit organization can instill good monetary habits and basic lessons in economics in our future generations. Below are some charity ideas for kids to participate in.

Match Donations 

An easy way to encourage your child to start giving back is to match their donations. Through matching your child’s donations, not only are you increasing the aid to whatever charity you and your child have chosen to give back to, but also you are establishing good roles to model when your child has grown up. Furthermore, this establishes a sense of accountability between yourself and your child since you both have decided to donate.

At The Gardner School of Brentwood, we recently held a pet supply drive and donated all of the animal goodies to a local humane society, Happy Tails Humane. While donations weren’t technically matched, parents were encouraged just as much as the children to bring donations! Look at everything they donated!

Allowance Allocation 

Another easy way to encourage your child to donate is to have them divide their allowance. Have a fund for spending (I call it the “Treat Yo’ Self” pile), one fund for saving, and one fund for donations. This way, your child has to donate to a charity, while learning how to budget their money. But don’t take all the fun out of it for them by making them do something. Instead, let your child chose what charity resonates most with them. If your child is helping a charity that they alone chose and want to help, they will be more inspired to donate and disciplined to stick to the budget set before them.

Small Business Start-Up 

Another fun way to get your child involved in giving back is to have them start their own business, like a lemonade stand, garden help, or dog walking, and have that business act as a non-profit charitable organization. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to donate all of their proceeds, but running their own business would not only establish good monetary habits but also a good foundation in economics.

Craft for a Cause 

Perhaps my favorite way to get children involved in charity is through crafting. There are a lot of items children can help make that are needed. Things like blankets, socks, beanies, scarves, pillows, stuffed animals, and even cloth diapers are in high demand by several charities. If your child has a knack for food or gardening, have them grow, cook, or can foods for local charities.

One particularly fun and inspirational craft for children are superhero capes. These can be given to charities like St. Jude, or any other child oriented charity to boost the morale of the children. You’d be surprised at what simply feeling like a superhero can do for the children, but be sure you make one for your child as well! After all, it is very superhero-esque of them to do this.

At both The Gardner School of Oak Brook and The Gardner School Franklin, we had the campers learn how to craft dog toys for local humane societies! It’s really easy to wrap water bottles in felt or braid several strands of felt together for a fun tug-of-war toy for your pups, and crafting is a great way for our kiddos to develop their fine-motor skills. Check out these DIY dog toys from our crafty campers below.