Early Childhood Development

Celebrate Week of the Young Child

Early Childhood Development | April 6, 2015
Celebrate Children

Every April, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and communities around the world celebrate the Week of the Young Child. The week shines a light on early childhood education programs, child care and the professional services it provides. Other schools and organizations across the world are getting involved. You can get involved at home, too. Here’s how the week looks this year:

Melody Monday, April 13, Music Exposure

The benefits of listening to different kinds of music expose kids to new words, enhances listening skills and showcases cultural differences. Check out http://families.naeyc.org/songs for songs NAEYC suggests.

Toughness Tuesday, April 14, Eating & Exercising 

Early healthy habits lead to an overall healthy mind and body. Practice Itsy Bitsy yoga poses to promote strength development or head outside to play together! Have your kids cook with you or visit a food truck event to teach them about different foods and nutrition. This can help develop literacy skills, science, and math.

Welding Wednesday, April 15, Building Together

Creating a structure together enhances children’s skills in math, science, and literacy. In addition, it’s a time to use their social skills. Make a fort out of couch pillow and blankets or grab those Legos from the closet!

Technique Thursday, April 16, Art & Creative Development

Get your kids’ creative juices flowing and evolve their social skills by giving them Crayons to color pictures or watercolors to paint. Give your baby a set of objects to use their imagination. Art experiences progress those fine motor skills.

Family Friday, April 17, Appreciation for the Parents

This is a day to recognize you! Parents are the first step towards early childhood educational success. Conduct your favorite activity with your kids – exploring a new restaurant or reading a new book. Today’s your day. Thank you!

Communities hold everything from a Family Writing Workshop to a city parade. Whether you get your community involved or strive to promote the week in your home, early childhood education positively influences your children in all sets of skills. Learn more about educating your children here at NAEYC.