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Camping Ideas & Fun Tips With Your Family

Family Living | August 26, 2016
Family Camping

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start planning a few outdoor activities you couldn’t do with that summer heat around! Camping is a wonderful idea for a mini-weekend adventure with children.

Explore a Nearby Park

Even though you typically go out of your way for a little weekend get-away, why not explore something in your own backyard? There are many campgrounds all across the country for you to choose from! Don’t know where to start? Head to Go Camping America, or you can search online parent groups for camping site recommendations of good, safe spots.

Take a Hike

Not only is going on a hike a good way to get out some of that pent up energy from the week in child care or school, but it’s a great way to learn about nature. Have an infant? Make sure you purchase or borrow a proper baby carrier for the trail! To keep you other little ones focused on moving forward, prepare a nature scavenger hunt with a list such as squirrels, deer and different types of leaves.

Tell a Story

Sit around a campfire at night and tell a story, just as you would at home with your children. As you assist them with their s’more desserts, switch off telling a few lines of the story with your kids. Incorporate nature or anything else you saw that day into your story.

Keep it Glowing

Even though the campfire provides a great atmosphere of light, bring glow sticks to place around your little ones. This not only gives your child a little light of their own, but it also helps keep tabs on kids if you are taking multiple!

Backyard Camping

If the little ones aren’t too sure of the camping idea yet, get them acclimated by pitching a tent in your own backyard!

Make sure you pack a first aid kit, review safety with your children and bring one extra pair of clothes in case it rains! Camping is not only a wonderful, economically-friendly family activity, but it allows your children to step away from all types of screens, homework and after-school activities to connect with nature. Go get your camp on!