Camp Gardner: A Sweet Summer of Fun

Education | August 24, 2018

The icing is on the cake, as Camp Gardner’s 2018 “Sweet Summer of Fun” theme comes to a close. Our schools created many sweet memories for this year’s campers through 10 weeks of new learning concepts, hands-on activities, special guests, sweet treats, new friends, and more. Though Camp Gardner 2018 has come and gone for our students and staff, the memories will live on forever. Here’s a recap of this year’s Camp Gardner highlights.

A Sweet Summer of Learning

Our “Sweet Summer of Fun” theme was a quick hit with students, parents, and teachers. Through sweetly-themed décor, lessons, and activities, our students got a taste of out-of-the-box, academically-focused learning that led to the development of new skills. From multiple opportunities to play and explore outside the classroom to hands-on, STEAM-focused activities, learning takes on a whole new form during Camp Gardner.

A Sweet Summer of Growth

Maybe one of the sweetest parts of Camp Gardner for our teachers and parents is witnessing the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students as they make new friends and try new things. Camp Gardner’s fun and relaxed environment helps boost preschoolers’ confidence, independence, and self-esteem, as our teachers help guide and encourage the children through new activities and team-building opportunities with other campers.

A Sweet Summer of Play

Perhaps the best part of Camp Gardner for our campers is being outdoors. Not only does Camp Gardner provide lots of opportunities for outdoor play, but many of the uniquely-themed learning activities happen outdoors. From wacky water days to on-site train rides and petting zoos, our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers always gain energy, excitement, and hopefully a good night’s rest from Camp Gardner’s outdoor play and physical activities.

A Sweet Summer of Experiences

Special guest visitors, tasty treats, and special dress-up days are just a few of the ways Camp Gardner provides sweet experiences. It’s always a treat to watch students learn from real-life professionals, such as police officers, medical professionals, zookeepers, and artists. Wearing Camp Gardner t-shirts on Fridays is always a hit, and the special dress-up days always reveal a lot of character from both students and teachers. Even more, this year’s “Sweet Summer of Fun” theme helped take Camp Gardner snacks, meals, and special treats to a whole new level!

So, as we say goodbye to Camp Gardner 2018, we hope this recap gives you a good morsel of our “Sweet Summer of Fun.” As we believe summer camp isn’t just for the big kids, we hope you’ll consider Camp Gardner, an extension of our fun, educational programs during the traditional school year, in the years to come.

To learn more about Camp Gardner and all it has to offer, visit our Camp Gardner page on our website, or contact your local school director today!