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Business and Balance: Why the Owners of New Heights Brewery are Raising a Glass to Nashville

Family Living | November 27, 2017

If you’ve hit up the Nashville scene in recent months, you’ve probably noticed a growing trend in local craft breweries. Without a doubt, Music City seems to be the perfect fit for this booming new industry. From locals to tourists, craft beer is in demand, whether in stores throughout the city, on tap at local restaurants or in the tasting rooms of the breweries.

For two of Nashville’s newest craft brewery owners, Jeff and Tracey Fountain, opening New Heights Brewing Company in Music City was an easy decision. Growing up in Alabama and later moving to San Diego where Jeff was a part of the popular Southern California brewing scene, the couple had their eye on Nashville as a place they felt they could raise a family while building a business. After much market research, one visit to town, and getting a feel for the craft brewery appeal in Music City, Jeff and Tracey made the move, along with Dustin and Katy DeWinter, and began a three-year process of bringing New Heights Brewing Company to life. You can now find the New Heights Brewing Company brand on tap at numerous local restaurants around town.

While Jeff handles the task of head brewer, and Tracey lends her business talents to Microsoft, the couple affirms their most important role as parents of a two-year-old and newborn. When asked how they find work-life balance, Jeff and Tracey give much of the credit to The Gardner School, where their two-year-old son attends and newborn will attend next year. After looking at preschools in the Nashville area, Jeff and Tracey were in agreement that The Gardner School was a safe and trusted environment for their son to spend each day. Because of the quality learning experience offered to their son at preschool, Jeff and Tracey rest easy throughout the day and are able focus on doing great work and building a successful business.

This blog highlights a locally-owned/operated business of a parent at The Gardner School. With a specific emphasis on how The Gardner School offers busy parents an added peace of mind in knowing their children are in excellent care each day, this feature also specifically reveals how The Gardner School helps facilitate a healthy work-life balance for these hardworking moms and dads by providing their children a safe, academically-focused, and high-quality early childhood education.