Why Art and Classroom Decor Matters in Early Childhood Education

Education | September 28, 2018

You might not realize it, but there’s a lot of intentionality that goes into creating the perfect classroom environment for toddlers and preschoolers. First and foremost, it’s important for students to feel safe and comfortable. However, it’s also important to create an atmosphere that encourages students to participate in activities that promote learning in fun and challenging ways.

According to some of the most prominent voices in early childhood education…

“Students need to be in classrooms that inspire them—spaces that are light, airy, and filled with examples of work that they aspire to do.”

This is why the artwork and decor that is displayed in the classroom is so important for early childhood education.

Why Art and Classroom Decor Matters for Early Childhood Education

Everything we do at The Gardner School, including our environment and facilities, is done to help our students grow academically, socially, relationally, and emotionally. This includes the artwork that is on display in our classrooms and hallways.

Here are three specific reasons we are intentional about integrating artwork into our decor:

  1. Artwork provides an opportunity for preschoolers to be proud of their work. In our classrooms, we intentionally display most artwork at the eye-level for students. This allows them to see, share, and be proud of the work they and their peers have created. Being able to look up and see work they’ve done in the past encourages children to keep learning and growing through new projects.
  2. Artwork provides preschoolers with an opportunity to learn through creative concepts. Teaching students through artwork engages a different part of the brain than reading or tactile activities. By incorporating artwork and classroom decor into the way we teach students, we’re helping them learn through different creative concepts and develop new ways of thinking.
  3. Artwork promotes process learning & product learning for preschoolers. We encourage children’s creativity through a combination of product-oriented and process-oriented art experiences. This combination provides children with the opportunity to develop new skills and express their own creativity. The decor we include in the classroom is a reflection of both.

See the Artwork (and Results) for Yourself

Art is an important pillar of the STEAM learning experience our students receive at The Gardner School. To learn more about our curriculum and classroom environments, we invite you to explore our specific programs or schedule a tour at The Gardner School campus nearest you.