Computers & Tech in Early Childhood Education


These days, it’s normal to see a child as young as one or two playing with their parents smartphones or tablets. You see children a littler older playing games on other electronic gadgets. Screen time for kids at an early age is getting to be the norm, but are they benefitting? 

Computers and Technology Enrichment Class
Technology, when used as an appropriate tool, can advance your child during their early years.  The Gardner School offers computers and technology enrichment classes starting at age two. We use computers as a form of differentiating their education, mixed with other hands-on classes, which helps make learning fun and engages kids in problem-solving techniques. It’s a balance that many children need. It even helps their social skills as they work together with other students. 

Literacy and math skills are developed with our Be Smart Computer Enrichment Class. Not only are we encouraging education through these programs, but we’re developing a foundation of skill sets for this high-tech world!

TGS Teacher Helping StudentComputers and technology are among the many enrichment classes offered at The Gardner School. Young children benefit from various ways of learning which is why we offer a variety of enrichment classes such as dance, music, drama, soccer, karate, piano and more!