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Better Sleep Means Happier, Healthier Kids

Family Living | May 19, 2014
Better Sleep Equals Better Life

Sleep is good for all of us, but it’s even more important for kids! May is better sleep month, and we want to help promote good sleep habits early, as the benefits are immense. Good, sound sleep prepares the body for the next day and gives children a solid foundation for mind and body to develop.

Essentials of Healthy Sleep

Pay special attention to the following requirements for healthy sleep, as they are ALL ESSENTIAL and work together to keep the body functioning as it should. Having three of these without the fourth can lead to sleep deprivation.

A sufficient amount of sleep. The amount of sleep a body needs varies by age. The Sleep Foundation shares a great infographic that helps give us an idea of just how much sleep we need throughout the stages of our lives.

Good quality sleep. Uninterrupted sleep that allows your child to move through all phases of sleep during the night. Quality is just as important as quantity.

The proper number of age-appropriate naps. Naps play a large role in healthy sleep as they optimize the alertness of the child during the day. It is important to find a nap schedule that works best for your child and stick with it.

A sleep schedule that is in sync with the child’s natural biological rhythms. All of us wake up in the morning, are alert throughout the day, become drowsy and are ready for sleep at the end of the day. This rhythm is irregular in infants for the first few months, so it is up to us to help them develop a schedule as they grow older. Naps and nighttime should be in sync with a child’s internal rhythm.