Early Childhood Development

All You Need is Love

Early Childhood Development | February 21, 2017
Preschool Love Letters

Love Letters from Our Preschool Students 

If you think letters to Santa are fun to read, a child’s Valentine’s Day love letter is an extra special treat. This year, we asked our preschoolers to write love letters to their families. While it’s always nice to be treated to some lovely flowers, a delicious box of chocolates, or maybe even a fancy dinner for Valentine’s Day, hearing your child express their love in words is a priceless treasure that will last for years to come.

As you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we hope you enjoy these heartfelt expressions from some of our TGS preschoolers.

Sawyer, Louisville

“I love my mom because she is beautiful, and my dad is handsome.”

Words of affirmation will never go out of style. Take time to offer a compliment or two to your children daily.


Prince, Midtown (Nashville)

“I love my family because they take care of me.”

Gratitude is a concept children should be taught as early as possible. They may not always express it, but that doesn’t mean your child isn’t grateful for all the things you do for them.

Liko, Naperville (Chicago)

“I love my family because they read to me The Lion King.”

It’s a proven fact that reading to your child every day will help them be better prepared for school. Reading also equips children to exercise their imagination.


Carden, Midtown (Nashville)

“I love my parents because they make me food.”

Hey, a kid has to eat, right? We definitely agree on this one, Carden!


Wesley, Louisville

“Mommy, I love you because you help me with my sight words.”

Investing in your child’s learning will leave an impression that will last a lifetime. Children are always watching and observing, so don’t miss the opportunity to teach them and continue the learning process at home.


Ahmir, Midtown (Nashville)

“I love my parents because they give great hugs.”

Everybody needs at least one hug per day. Make time to snuggle and show your affection daily.


Sydney, Louisville

“Dad and Mom, I love you because you let me help make dinner.”

Allowing your children to participate in home activities like cooking or basic chores will not only teach them valuable life skills, but it will also show them trust.


Kora, Naperville (Chicago)

“I love it when my daddy plays soccer with me.”

Spending quality time with your kids through playing sports or fun activities will never go out of style. Pencil in some intentional play time with your children each week.

Never underestimate the love a child can and will express when give the opportunity. Happy Valentine’s Day month!