Early Childhood Development

7 Reasons School Uniforms Make Sense

Early Childhood Development | August 14, 2018

The topic of school uniforms is frequently debated for students at nearly every level of education in both public and private school settings. While some parents like the idea of their children being able to freely express themselves with their choices of clothing, others see great value in having a school uniform policy. From safety to self-esteem, The Gardner School has found that school uniforms offer a wide variety of benefits for both students and parents.

Preschool marks the milestone at which students at The Gardner School begin wearing uniforms. As an academically-focused preschool, school uniforms for preschoolers are among The Gardner School’s key differentiators. For parents who might be on the fence about the advantages of school uniforms for their children, here are seven key reasons school uniforms make sense for preschool students.

7 Reasons School Uniforms Make Sense

1. Daily Focus

Many teachers have noted how school uniforms are helpful in preparing children for learning, as they can help students focus and make life easier for both parents and teachers. Rachel McCormick, Director at The Gardner School of Brentwood outside of Nashville, explains the rationale behind wearing uniforms: “At The Gardner School, we believe school uniforms keep students focused on learning, while also building a sense of community within the school. When getting ready in the morning at home, our students start getting excited about school as soon as they get dressed. They enter the building feeling positive about the school day and are ready to learn. The students are more focused on expressing themselves through their personalities and school work, rather than their outward appearance.”

2. Morning Routine

Getting the little ones dressed and out the door isn’t always a simple, efficient process. Whether it is the parent or child selecting the day’s outfit, school uniforms save time during the morning by eliminating extra decisions—no more worrying about whether something coordinates or matches! Plus, both boys and girls have some variety to choose from within The Gardner School uniform options.

3. Transition

The point of uniforms in preschool is not to hinder your child’s creative expression of self. However, uniforms can help children make a mental transition into the routine of education. A school uniform prepares children for a school environment—one that is distinctly different from home, and one in which they will learn, explore, play, and interact with others. Once the school uniform goes on, it’s influencing them to get into “school mode.”

4. Costs

There are certainly up-front costs that can come with uniforms, but in the long term, school uniforms tend to save parents money, since fewer school clothes need to be purchased throughout the course of a year. School uniforms can also be recycled or reused, which is a bonus if you have additional children attending The Gardner School in the future. The Gardner School also hosts school uniform consignment days, where parents can “shop” from a selection of previously worn school uniforms, which is a wonderful cost-saving opportunity.

5. Comparisons

It can be difficult to keep children from differentiating between each other, based on what a child is wearing. However, when children are wearing school uniforms, cultural and socio-economic distinctions are often mitigated toward a tight-knit community that is focused on learning.

6. Safety

To put it quite simply, when children are in school uniforms, it’s much easier to identify individuals who might not belong on school grounds. Since The Gardner School facilitates a safe and secure environment, school uniforms for preschoolers have been helpful in giving parents an added peace of mind when it comes to their children’s safety.

7. Creativity

Critics might argue that individualization and creativity are stripped away when young children are required to wear school uniforms. However, if you spend a day at The Gardner School, you’ll see numerous other opportunities our students are given for creative expression. Between art, music, computer work, language skills, and so much more, The Gardner School’s preschoolers are encouraged to explore and think creatively every day. This is the kind of expression that goes way beyond a child’s clothing choices.

The Gardner School is excited to be partnering with a new uniform vendor, Schoolbelles. To peruse uniform selections and place orders, just use your school’s unique ordering code upon visiting the Schoolbelles website. To learn more about The Gardner School’s programs and advantages of an academic preschool, visit our website, or schedule a tour today!